What Can You Do To Spruce Up A Lake?

Owning property with a lake can certainly be satisfying. There is nothing like spending peaceful days out on the water or fishing from the dock if your lake is stocked. However, owning a lake will require a great deal of maintenance to keep the body of water looking attractive and remaining useful. If you look at your lake right now and it is looking rather boring, overgrown or in need of some changes, then you may need some advice on how to make those changes. Tackling a lake can be a very big task, and you may not know where to begin. What can you do to spruce up your lake? Here is the advice that you need so that you can create a body of water that will look beautiful and useful.

Begin by Cleaning Up
The first step to sprucing up a lake should be getting it cleaned up, especially if it is overgrown. This would most likely be the hardest of the tasks you will need to complete since it can take a great deal of physical labor. If you have the funds, you could hire someone to do the clean up. However, if you do not have the funds, this is work you can do yourself with no cost as long as you have the proper tools. Cleaning up the lake should include getting dead limbs and trash out of the water. It also includes getting rid of any overgrown plants, weeds and trees around the shores. Of course, you will want to leave some of the trees and plants for attractive and shady areas. You just need to ensure that they are maintained properly.

Once you have gotten the lake cleaned up, then you can move on to sprucing up the whole body of water.

Choose a Feature
Lake fountains can be a great addition to your own lake for a couple of different reasons. Of course, they are beautiful. If you choose a dramatic water feature, it will garner the attention of those around you and you will enjoy the dramatic spray of water. However, this is not the only purpose that lake fountains will serve. These are also great ways to aerate the lake. This is important for the health of plant life in the water and the health of any fish that you have it stocked with. An aerated lake will stay much more healthy overall.

Build a Dock
If you do not currently have a dock, you should consider building one, even if you do not have a boat. A dock can be a great way to relax and enjoy summer afternoons. You can also fish from a dock. If you ever do purchase a boat, then you will have a place to moor it. If you already have a dock, chances are, it could use some sprucing up, which will help the whole look of the lake. You could rebuild any weak areas of the dock or you could simply re-stain the dock if it is in good condition. Be sure to seal the wood with something that will help to keep it from rotting once it gets wet.

If you own a lake, then you are definitely a lucky homeowner. However, you will need to ensure that you take care of that lake so that it continues to look beautiful. If you need to spruce up your lake, then the ideas above can be very useful. Simply cleaning up the water will add a great deal of beauty. Additionally, adding design elements such as water features and docks, will also add to the attractiveness of the wate

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