What Chemicals Do I Need For My Hot Tub?

It’s a crisp, cool night, and you’ve decided to take a dip in your backyard hot tub. With your suit on and beverage in hand, you head outside, pull open the cover, and prepare to stick your foot in the water. However, you notice some debris floating around and a film forming on the water surface. After quickly retracting your foot, you continue to stare at the water and feel uneasy. Now what?

While spas are sought after by many, they require a lot of maintenance in order to remain clean and in pristine condition.  Incidents happen, so it’s important to know what options are available when you have a particular water cleanliness issue.


When looking to disinfect your hot tub, some products to look for are brominating tablets and chlorine tablets.  They are a simple way for spa owners to disinfect and sanitize their water, as they dissolve slowly and evenly.

For those with allergies or sensitive skin, chlorine and bromine free products are available, such as those from Leisure Time. They are odor-free and effective so you don’t have to compromise quality or worry about your swimwear or hair becoming damaged.


One way to clean a spa is by using a shock treatment. Shock treatments remove oils, lotions, soaps, and various other organic contaminants from the water. Some shock treatments also contain bromine to sanitize the water.

If cloudy water or odor is an issue, a clarifier suitable for hot water will remove soap, dirt, and other debris so the water is clean and clear once again.

One item that may get dirty and clogged up is a spa filter. There are specialty filters available to clear up any buildup of oil, dirt, and other compounds. Other chemicals are made to treat jets, cartridges, and more.

Do you have scum buildup? There are cleansers available that are specially designed to fight scum found above the water line.


Two levels important to regularly test are water pH and alkalinity. If either of the recommended levels is off, they will need to be raised or lowered as soon as possible. A number of products are available to correct such problems including pH and alkalinity correctors, calcium boosters, and more.

If you’re still unsure of what products you will need, chemical distributors typically sell spa kits with products that cover any sort of water need. Avoid grimacing when you open your spa cover by maintaining general pool sanitizing practices and being prepared in case cloudy water strikes.

This post provided by Swimtown Pools, a distributor of Leisure Time Spa Chemicals.