What Determines My Energy Prices?

Energy prices always seem to be constantly changing and many consumers are often stuck at a standstill when it comes to the answer as to why. In fact, to be more specific it has been said that the prices can change as often as every five minutes every single day. Some of the reasons for the constant changes have to do with things that we can control while other factors have to do with things that are beyond our means. This article has been generated to give consumers the answers to the questions that they have always wondered when it comes to their changing energy prices.


When natural disasters such as hurricanes occur they play a role in the changing prices of gas and electricity. Other disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami’s play a part in the changes quotes as well. These are all things that we cannot control because we never know when they are going to take place yet what we now know is when a natural disaster takes place we can expect for our energy bill to jump up a little – or a lot depending on the disaster.

Legislation and Regulations

Many consumers probably already feel that legislation and regulations play a role in how much they can expect to spend on their energy. Different ACTS and laws that are put in place determine whether or not the consumers are going to have to spend more on their bills or less. Sometimes they help us out while other times we wish that no one had ever brought anything up in the first place. However, this is something that the people do control so if there is a problem things can be done so everyone can come to a mutual agreement.


Weather is one of the main things that contribute to the pricing. This is because those who live in colder environments are going to have to use more energy to heat their homes than those who live in milder climates. This is a factor that is looked upon as something that we cannot control because obviously we cannot freeze to death just to avoid having a higher bill. However, at the same time there are ways around a higher bill while still having a warm home in the process.

Consumer Demand

As with anything else if people need something a lot the price is going to go up and the same thing goes for energy as well. So, with that being said the government analysis which times of day the most energy is being used by different sources across the region and they make the decision to charge the most during this time. However, you can control this by simply performing some research and finding out the peak times so you know when and when not to use the maximum amount of energy.

Overall, a ton of things affect our energy prices. But, the things we can control we need to make sure that we do to keep from over spending on our bills.

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