What Different Types Of Lighting Are Available?

What Different Types of Lighting are available?
If you are in the process of renovating the property or simply re-decorating a room within the house then lighting should be thought about early on, as it will play a pivotal part in how the room looks when it is completed. A good lighting fixture can show off the room or can act as a centre piece, which instantly draws attention soon as someone walks in the room.
There are three main types of lighting Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting and Task Lighting.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting (also more commonly referred to as Background Lighting) acts within the room as daylight and is usually formed from a central light. Ambient Lighting, if not thought about correctly can often portray a flat lighting mood within the room. To stop the bland lighting feel you need to use wall lights, down lights, bowls (which are mounted to ceilings) or more standard and traditional lamps.

Task Lighting
As the name suggests task lighting is lighting you need to do a specific job i.e. working at a computer, cooking, sewing or reading. The light fixture is pointed towards a particular spot to aid in the task being completed. If you are re-decorating a home office then this is the lighting you require. When choosing the light fixture it is important to remember that it needs to be fully adjustable as you do not want to have a light fixed on a computer desk as it will mean you have to put another light in or move the current one should you wish to move the desk.  The best ones on the market have a cantilever facility so can be angled as well as lowered. If you are unsure whether the desk will be staying in the current spot then purchasing clip on spot lights would be your best idea as they can be moved quickly and easily (without having to drill new holes or move any wires). One thing you do not want to do is skimp on the price as cheaper lighting units most of time are rigid and if moved up / down regular will become lose.

Accent Lighting
If you are looking to add character to the room then accent lighting is the best way as it can add depth and shade. Typically you can use halogen spot lights to highlight your favourite picture, glass or piece of furniture in the room.

Celia Taylor looks at the options available for lighting up your home, written here for Lichtkultur GmbH