What Do People Think Of The Colour Of Your Walls?

People can tell a lot from colour, when you decorate your home you want your house to represent you in the best possible way, so your choice of colour is extremely important.
You’ve probably heard people say that your personality can be judged by the colours you wear and the colours of your home. You probably thought nothing of it – you chose the colours because you like them, not to show off your personality. That’s exactly the point, by choosing certain colours you are showing off your personality.

Your bedroom is especially important; it is the most personal room in your house so you want it to represent you. This is the room that is for no one else it’s yours and it’s all about you. The decoration and colours of this room are the most significant in the home.
If you have a room that is bright fire engine red you are ready to take on anything. You are a warm and passionate person and deal with change well. Sometimes you may be a little short tempered. You love life when it’s full of drama and adventure – you love attention. You are an ambitious person and the intense nature of your chosen colour helps you reach your goals and ambitions.
If you have a hot pink room then you are a complete girly girl. You’re a little bit like Peter Pan, you just don’t want to grow up, you are a very playful person who never stops. You’re like a magpie in the sense you love the bright and shiny and you love adventure.
If your room is plain and white but covered with posters, photos and artwork then your room emphasises everything that you love. You like things in a precise order but also embrace change – maybe changing the layout of your room more often than most.
Probably not one of the first colours to spring to people’s minds would be navy. If you room is navy then you have made it into the ultimate haven, it’s a place of peace, quiet and relaxation. Navy is a colour that helps you sleep, it takes your mind off your day and allows you to drift freely through the motions.
Mint Green – this is a pale colour that ultimately represents calmness. It suggests activities such as reading and meditation will take place; this colour also suggests a busy life style full of appointments and a hectic schedule so the relaxing colour helps you to wind down after a stressful day.
This blog post was written by interior designer George Cabb for www.slideglide.ie – experts in interior design and sliding wardrobes.