What Does a Job with Healthcare Administration Entail?

What Does a Job with Healthcare Administration Entail

Careers in the field of healthcare administration require individuals who are capable of wearing several hats at one time and not being overwhelmed. A person, who can take several tasks at once and effectively either delegate or complete each one, will work within the fast-paced environment of healthcare administration.

Many of the managerial duties will require their personal involvement. Others, however, can be delegated to members of their management team. A healthcare administrator must be able to handle the following activities, while overseeing their staff and keeping everyone on the same page and moving forward.

  1. Management of Staff

     Managing staff means knowing what each is capable of and assigning them duties they can complete in a timely and efficient manner. Scheduling staff as they are needed and where they can do the best work is also imperative. Whether that be a surgeon or someone who just got their online RN degree.

  1. Hiring/Firing

     Hiring new personnel and terminating those who no longer are able to fulfill their duties in a satisfactory manner is part of being a healthcare administrator. An effective administrator is one who can enforce discipline while still retaining the respect of the individuals who work for them.

  1. Maintain Inventory and Supply

     A healthcare administrator must be able to review inventory and supply information provided by their department heads. They must be able to adequately determine the needs of each area and maintain an adequate inventory and supply of materials at all times.

  1. Mediate Conflict

     There will be times when conflicts may arise between staff members or between family members and staff. A competent administrator will be able to listen to both sides without bias and come to a reasonable solution that satisfies both parties. If total satisfaction is not possible, the administrator should at least be able to reach a compromise that benefits both parties equally.

  1. Effectively Manage Financials

     Healthcare administrators are responsible for their facilities expenditures as well as any profits the company makes. They must know how to read bank statements, consumer account ledgers as well as accounts payable and receivable.

  1. Exceptional Communication Skills

     For any manager to be truly effective they must have exceptional communication skills. They must be able to speak to both clients and staff in a manner where both feel comfortable and respected. Administrators are responsible for making sure new hires know their duties, how the facility works and any and all details about the position they will be assuming. They must also be able to welcome new patients in such a way that they look forward to spending their time at the facility.

  1. Oversee Customer Service

    Just as a healthcare administrator must mediate between members of staff, they must also deal with any issues presented by the consumer. Whether it is a conflict with staff or an issue with something causing the patient discomfort, it is up to the healthcare administrator to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner and the satisfaction of the patient is assured.