What Does A Roofline System Do For Your Home?

Despite how widely available they are, there are a great deal of people who don’t know what a roofline is or really understand its purpose.

Basically a roofline is the shape or outline of the roof of a home. Roofline systems are built around these edges and the roofing material to improve a variety of features of your homes roofing. These provide a range of protective features that ensure that the roofline is kept in optimal condition, meaning vastly reduced upkeep and a far lower chance of deterioration or damage. As the roofline is out of site it is often completely out of mind until an issue occurs.

In addition they also add a more aesthetically pleasing design to the roofing of your home. There are many more pro’s to having a roofline system installed. Here are just a few of them:

Water Damage Prevention

One aspect of a roofline system is that it can provide a variety of features to improve drainage and water run-off.  A great deal of roofing damage is caused by deterioration of the tiling and felt of the roof. This allows water to get in which can result in untold damage. One vital aspect of roofline installation is the examination and replacement of this with superior materials that will be far more reliable.

A gutter guard is also another very useful addition. If your guttering is quite prone to becoming blocked with debris then this could be particularly valuable as acts as a blockade and ensures that debris does not impede the flow of the guttering.


Another feature that is becoming more commonplace these days is roofline ventilation. This allows ventilation to flow more freely through the top of the house without creating a draft or making the house cold.

What it does do is prevent damp air from becoming trapped in the house. As such this can reduce the risk of issues such as moisture build-up, damp, mould and rot.

Guard Against Insects

Vented soffit boards are essential for roof and loft ventilation as they reduce the risk of condensation building. These are a boarding material fitted with short slots across them. Unfortunately a side effect of these is that it makes it far easier for insects to get into the roofing of your home.

Insect guards in your roofline allow the soffit boards to perform their task unimpeded, while preventing the insect invasion.

Roof line systems come in a variety of materials ranging from standard plastics to more reliable UPVC, but in any case they will dramatically improve the protection that your home s roofing receives.

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