What Does It Take To Be An Underwear Model?

There will always be demand for men and women who can model underwear and give the product a certain level of desirability and as with any type of modelling it has a certain criteria that any aspiring individuals have to fit into.
The objective for those who model underwear is to display the item of clothing in such a way that those who view it are suitably enticed to want to buy the product, depending on the gender either for themselves or their partner for example. It is quite possible that you will have seen someone modelling underwear and wondered if you had what it takes to do their job, so what exactly do those in charge look for when it comes to hiring for this type of modelling assignment?
Body shape
The basis of any underwear model is a body that is in shape, although the exact requirement with regard to this can vary slightly depending on the company and their target audience. It is pretty safe to assume though that any aspiring model who is overweight will not be a successful applicant for any such job. A fairly lean figure is generally expected and in many cases the model will have good muscle definition, certainly more so if it is a male. Despite the fact it is underwear that you will be modelling an attractive face is still seen as essential in the vast majority of cases.

All models will have a portfolio in order to show potential suitors what they can offer and underwear models need to have photos of themselves wearing their undergarments only. The quality of these is important but you can get photos taken by an amateur that will still be up to the required standard. The portfolio should give a range of different shots of yourself to convince those viewing it that you are what they are looking for and also included should be all your contact details and modelling experience up to that point. You should also be aware of your height, weight and other measurements such as your chest, hips and waist.
It applies to all models but a willing and enthusiastic personality will make a world of difference in impressing those who make the decisions. It takes a high level of focus and commitment to be a model and your lifestyle should fit into this way of thinking. As with any job interview you should be on time and smartly presented, although with an underwear model you would not need to be dressed formally, casual clothes will suffice. You can contact agencies yourself or you can look around for open calls, conventions and suchlike, but check to see if you have to pay to attend in the case of the latter.
Article written by Hazel Turner representing www.kangoomodels.com, one of Ireland’s leading modelling agencies with a high quality of services including career guidance and advice on event modelling hire for example.