What Energy Internet Brings To The Market

What Energy Internet Brings To The Market

With the popularization of internet, more and more concepts have come to our life. From Internet to the internet of things, thousands of familes will produce renewable energy at home or work place, as easy as we getting Information from internet.

Energy Internet:Overturning Tradition

Energy internet combine with wind and solar power to ensure Energy sharing, for example, while northern Hemisphere at night, the rest of energy can transfer to Southern-hemisphere via the internet where still in daytime. Try to find some blinds shop like blinds Sydney to get a good blinds for your windows, save the power from light and the rest of them send and sell it via internet to other one.

The trending of Energy internet are marketization, democratization, decentralization, intelligence and instrumentation, which is think to overturning the traditional Intelligent Grids. The feature of new energy system are smart, self learning and evolution, which can’t live without Energy internet.

So the point is the internet of things, which is the key factor of Energy Internet. The energy internet use advanced Sensors, control and software applications to link energy transfer end, energy production end and energy consumption end together, and creat a ‘internet basement’. The Big data analysis, machine learning and prediction will be the technical support of the Energy Internet.

With the leading of Energy Internet, you can image a future should be like this.
In the future, you can install a shutters from shutters Sydney and can contorl your windows shutters at home via mobile phone, you can sell the rest of power to other peoples.