What Every Patient Should Know About Their Medical Test Results

Most medical practices are good about notifying patients of their results, but this isn’t always the case. There could be delays in getting your results to you because of processing errors. There is also a chance of your results getting lost, which means that you’d have to retest. As WebMD states, no news isn’t always good news, so it’s important to follow up with your doctor if you haven’t received your results in a timely manner. Some medical practices allow patients to create online portals that make it easier to relay test results.

Results Don’t Always Tell the Whole Story

Test results can give you a good idea of any medical conditions that you may have, but they can’t always tell you the full extent of the problem. If a problem is suspected because of an abnormal test result, further testing may be required. Additional testing can also let you know if your medical condition is less serious than the initial test result indicated. The initial test result might also make you believe that you have a certain medical condition, and additional testing may prove otherwise.

Your Results May Be Inaccurate

Errors can happen when processing test results, and these mistakes might make the findings inaccurate. Mistakes are also known to happen when medical staff members don’t gather test samples correctly. According to Medical News Today, some doctors even fail to order the right types of tests. Erroneous test results often cause doctors to misdiagnose patients, which could have devastating consequences. If you received inaccurate test results, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you file a malpractice lawsuit.

Your Doctor May Not Have Your Results

Your primary doctor may not be the one who gives you your results. There’s a possibility that your results won’t even come from the person who performed the testing. A nurse or perhaps even a medical office administrator could be responsible for notifying you of the findings. If you haven’t signed up to receive your results online, you should know who’s responsible for giving you the results so that you can contact them if there are any delays.

Knowing the important details about your test results can give you greater peace of mind. Getting the right information and knowing what to expect from the process can help make the entire ordeal easier.