What Is A PAT Test Certificate For?

Some people claim that testing their appliances for safety is a waste of time. They say that if there were any problems with their appliances, they would be readily apparent and visible. What they don’t realize is that problems can pop up at any minute, leaving them vulnerable to safety hazards. Electrical appliances must always be safe to use for the people who work with them. Drills, saws, water pumps, and other portable electric devices can cause safety problems if they aren’t working properly. Frayed cables inside the appliances are the first signs of deterioration in the quality of the product in use.
A PAT test certificate tells the owners of the equipment the status of their appliances. Failed appliances aren’t legally allowed to be used until they are repaired. Other PAT testing results will show that certain appliances will need to be replaced sometime in the near future. The idea behind the testing procedures is to alert people who work with electrical appliances when there could be problems with the equipment they use. Construction workers, carpenters, factory workers, and other people in industries where many electrical appliances are used benefit from regular PAT certification testing.
The PAT test can be performed by a power company representative, or someone with your own company. The person performing the tests should at least take a course to become familiar with PAT testing. They could take courses to learn about dangerous elements inside electric appliances and how to identify them. When someone learns about the proper methods for PAT testing, they can then offer their services to companies that regularly use portable electrical appliances.
The actual tests administered by a PAT certification expert usually consist of three phases: insulation resistance testing, earth continuity testing, and testing the detachable chord wirings of various electrical devices. Each phase must result in acceptable tests for the entire piece of equipment to pass the test. A certification can only be given to a product that meets the safety standards for all 3 phases.
PAT testing devices are complex instruments; they must be calibrated at least once every year to maintain their correct measuring standards. Faulty PAT testing equipment can lead to inaccurate results during tests. One item that should normally pass the inspection might fail if a PAT testing device isn’t functioning properly. Another common occurrence with improperly-working testing devices is passing items that should fail the test. Accurate readings become difficult when the equipment doesn’t perform up to standards.

A person who is able to administer a PAT certification test will always be on the lookout for problematic electrical devices. The safety standards set by local laws should always be enforced as technically as possible. The tester could get in trouble if they knowingly and willingly report false readings about a particular product, especially if someone gets injured as a result of their negligence.
The importance of a PAT test certificate can’t be understated. It’s absolutely vital to have every electrical appliance you work with in the best condition possible. Injuries during work can be devastating with dangerous electrical appliances. If you own a business or a company that works with a lot of electrical appliances, schedule a PAT certification test as soon as you can.

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