How to make your writing attractive for the reader?

What Is Good Article Writing Is All About- 8 Points?

Making your writing more attractive means to write your paper more engaging, or more exciting, or more useful. It means making the act of reading a little bit easier, keeping the attention of the reader without hooks or keeping the reader in suspense. The essay services review website suggests you the following writing tips.

1 – Don’t be afraid of breaking the grammar rules and your spellchecker

This is a thorn in the sides of academic and creative writers. The English language and its grammar rules are there to help making text easier to understand and go through. They are the Sat Nav of the writing world.

Just because a Sat Nav says its route is the best way doesn’t mean it actually is. Your spelling and grammar checker has the same problem. It cannot understand or conceptualize what you are trying to write or the impact it is supposed to have. It is only a guide, so you are supposed to choose the best variant for your writing and your reader.

For example, your spellchecker will not like the phrase “Dumbing down.” Take the advice of your spellchecker with a pinch of salt. Its suggestions are not set in stone and they are not always right.

2 – Break exciting set pieces into smaller sentences

This is a trick you learn when taking fiction-writing classes. If you have an exciting element in your text, then do not write long and sprawling sentences. Keep your descriptions shorter and write shorter sentences that focus on the action/excitement.

3 – Add a dash of your own voice and personality

You are the person with your own experiences, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Add a dash of yourself into the text and you make the piece a lot more attractive for the reader.

4 – Provide the proof so that people can check your points

This may seem like a no-brainer, especially if you are writing essays, but people want to see some sort of proof to your claim. If you say that 88% of people are gullible in Australia, then people will try to find the proof.

5 – Use humor, but use it very carefully

In a perfect world, you could use as much humor as you like, but generations of kids in the US are being taught they have a “right” not to be upset. This means that Christmas trees are being removed from public places, and it means that the only thing you can joke about without being sued is fat people and that will soon change if the new “weight-ism” rules are passed in congress.

You can use humor, but dial it down if you don’t want hundreds of comments on your work from people with nothing better to do than go around looking for ways to be offended.

6 – Be very specific if you want to attract people and keep them reading

This is probably the best tip on this entire article, but it is here to reward the people who do not skim read. Specificity is your best weapon. For example, people may want to know how to train their rabbit, but they will excitingly read a book about training a rabbit to fetch the newspaper. People may want books about anything, but there are people out there right now on Google trying to find out how to do something specific. What if the only place they could find the information was on your website?

7 – Help your reader to solve a problem

Even if you are writing a piece of fiction, it still has a use. If it’s children’s fiction, then your job is to keep the child’s attention. Be it erotic fiction, it is your job to keep the reader interested and tense about being aroused. In case of an academic or non-fiction piece, then focus on a problem you can fix.

8 – Shorter paragraphs are often more suitable for online reading

Take a look at this article and you will see why it works. The paragraphs are four or five sentences long, and even the paragraphs are broken into sections with numbered headers. It makes reading a lot easier. The same points could have been made with this article but it could have been structured in one large chunk of text.

Doing it this way makes it easier to go through the article and even helps you to understand it a little better. Sure, large chunks of text are sometimes suitable, but if you try to keep your paragraphs short and concise, then you make your writing more attractive for the reader.