What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is developed by Markus Persoon – a developer who is renowned for his talent. He developed this sandbox building game in May 2009. If you don’t have any clue about Minecraft, the best thing would be to search for videos of Minecraft World on Google and you will quickly come to know what Minecraft is all about. With Minecraft, you are allowed to build whatever you want by destroying existing blocks and replacing them with new blocks of various materials available in the game. You can play Minecraft online and it also offers the option of playing offline. You can simulate both day and night time in Minecraft. You should be safe during night mode as monsters will start appearing in night. You should protect yourself by building a fortress. The games has become so famous that it has already sold 2 million copies of the game.

In Minecraft, all you have to do is construct. The world of Minecraft consists of cubical blocks which represents various construction materials, viz. wood, glass, dirt, stone and water. When you play Minecraft, you will get a pickaxe for your avatar which can be used by you to demolish blocks and replace it with new blocks. Your movements are not restricted in the Minecraft world, buy you can place the blocks and other items at their respective spots only.

Minecraft is still being developed and the released game is a beta version which you can buy for USD 20.

As you can find recently in all the games released recently, Minecraft also offers both single player and multi player version.

A Simple Game

There are many games which will offer you with lot of complex functionalities and tutorials which makes it a boring experience. As far as Minecraft is concerned, there are only seven controls – left click, right click, WASD for movement and E for Inventory. It cannot get simpler than this. There is no absolutely no need to refer any tutorial to learn Minecraft. Go get playing is the only mantra.

Another element which is cool about this game is that there are really amazing characters, e.g. Stevie which is liked by many Minecraft players. The fact is you would not find many such games like it.

For any game geek, Minecraft is an ultimate game. If you don’t have a Minecraft account, I would suggest you to have one as it is really interesting. There is a valid reason for this game being so popular. Minecraft allows you to be creative and imaginative beyond limits.

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