What Is Speed Dating And Who Goes?

Speed dating is another new way of meeting people that has always been around but has become more popular in the last 12 months. It seems as though speed dating has seen a massive increase in the number of visitors attending meetings on the back of more and more online dating websites being viewed online. Speed dating is designed to be short and snappy where you make a judgment on somebody inside 2 minutes. For those unsure here is a breakdown of what happens when attending a speed dating session.

Before attending a speed dating session your place has to be booked either via phone or online with the event organisers and some basic checks have to be taken to protect the safety of staff and other users. On arrival at your venue you sign in with the staff and are given a badge or sticker to display with a number on this, no names are given as this is used an ice breaker to open up a conversation. Before the sessions begin people keep themselves very quiet as they don’t want to give too much away.
Once ready to start either the males or females will take to their seats and they will be joined by their first date. This is where the badge or stickers come in as number 1 starts at the top and then works his way around the other dates. You have 2 minutes with your date to introduce yourself, make them laugh, charm them and just find out something unique about them. The most common way of opening up a conversation is a brief introduction but it is important to remember that speed dating is about first impressions and each date will see a whole host of people in the session. In order to stand out, it is worth being a little more original.

After sitting down with all the dates you then submit a ticket back to the staff with all of the dates on you would like to make contact with. If there is a match between two then staff pass over details so that you can make contact. If there are no matches then unfortunately you will have to keep trying.

Speed dating attracts every race, age, colour and sex so it has to be worth giving it a try, you never know what could happen and even if you don’t get a date you are sure to have made some new friends.

The speed dating scene, article by Jerry Wagner for Go Dating Ltd