What Is the Healthiest Amount of Daily Coffee to Drink?

Whether you are a coffee addict or only an occasional drinker, you have most likely seen numerous news articles in the past either touting the amazing benefits of this rich drink or stating how harmful it is for your health. If you feel confused about this topic, you are certainly not alone. Many people have given up on figuring out whether or not it is harmful or helpful for them and have instead begun to drink however much they like. Thankfully, the following brief introduction to the health benefits of coffee can help to clear up your most pressing questions.

How Much Coffee Is Ideal?

First, it is important to note what is meant by a cup of coffee. When this amount is mentioned, it is referring to a standard eight-ounce cup of coffee. Coffee has been shown to provide health benefits for numerous individuals, and research has shown that the best amount to drink each day for this benefit is four to five cups, which lowers the risk of death by 12 to 16 percent depending on your gender.

What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee?

Most of the benefits of coffee comes from its powerful antioxidants, which strengthen the body against many cells that produce aging and disease. Those who drink coffee regularly will see lowered incidence of depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and liver cancer and cirrhosis. A decrease in risk for type 2 diabetes raises proportionately to the amount of coffee you drink each day.

Who Should Stick with Lower Amounts?

Not everyone can or should drink four to five cups of coffee per day. For example, some people have terrible insomnia if they drink coffee even in the mornings only. Others feel panicked or anxious after coffee or detect heart arrhythmias.

How Can You Keep It Exciting?

If you want to increase your coffee intake but are bored with the same black coffee every day, try to keep it exciting without adding any extra calories. Choose a flavored coffee, such as Cinnabon cinnamon roll K cup coffee pods. On the other hand, if you like to drink more than five cups per day, you may want to switch to decaffeinated coffee partway through the day to avoid the wired effect from too much caffeine.

If you are still concerned about drinking coffee, you should talk to your health care provider who will be able to provide you with information specific to your needs. Not everyone can tolerate coffee in the same way. Thus, you may be able to drink the four to five recommended cups just fine, but your friend will feel completely wired after just one or two cups. Also, be careful about adding cream and sugar to your coffee because this can significantly impact your daily calories and your weight.