What Ladies Want, Ladies Get With Liverpool Jeans

What does the average lady want? She wants to look effortless chic and sexy. She wants to feel like a millions bucks when she wears a hot pair of jeans, without spending a million bucks! She wants to feel youthful and electric, while looking age appropriate. She wants for her clothes to express her unique aura and personality, without looking too obnoxious. Finally, she wants to look stylish, all while feeling as comfortable as she is in a set of pajamas. Unfortunately most ladies find out the hard way that in order to achieve some of their desires, they’ll usually have to sacrifice a few desires.

When most women select to wear a style of jeans that are on-trend such as skinny jeans, they become frustrated or discouraged. Most brands and styles of skinny jeans are cut for teenaged or young-adult bodies. The problem for most women isn’t that they need to lose weight in order to fit inside of skinny jeans. The problem for most women, is that their bodies are too curvaceous and mature for today’s skinny jeans.

Teenaged bodies aren’t finished developing, so they tend to be very straight and athletic in frame. On the other hand, a woman’s mature body is soft and curvy in all the right places. It makes sense then, that  mature women complain about skinny jeans that are too restrictive and uncomfortable to wear.

Women report that today’s skinny jeans are hot and uncomfortable to wear, because the inseam is cut to accommodate young women. Women complain that skinny jean inseams are cut too high, not taking into account shorter women, particularly short and curvy women. They also say that skinny jeans are too loose around the waist. The fact that many styles of skinny jeans are cut too low is another bothersome fact for women.

Women don’t want to look as if they are competing with their daughters for attention. They want jeans that are made out of soft, stretchy material that hugs and accommodates their lovely curves. Finally, women want skinny jeans that can be worn from the office, to a night out on the town, to a shopping trip on the weekends. Women care about saving as much money as possible, as they have financial responsibilities. Thankfully for today’s modern woman, Liverpool Jeans Company offers an answer to their prayers. Liverpooljeans.com offers women a wide selection of on-trend, chic and comfortable  tummy tuck jeans and style options that will keep them coming back for more!

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