What Makes An Efficient Telecommuter Pro

What Makes An Efficient Telecommuter Pro

What Makes An Efficient Telecommuter ProA workstation-based job is something people are more familiar with. The concept of getting up in the morning to eat, preen, dress up and travel to work and then do specific tasks all day long and then head back home the moment the clock strikes 5:00 PM — is how most people view work to be for the average company employee. Depending on how productive, efficient, skilled and good an employee might be in accomplishing all tasks and performing responsibilities expected of him/her as per his/her job description, career advancement may take place for that particular employee sooner than later.

The New Business Order

Some things have changed in recent years owing to the various new developments brought on by the many breakthroughs online technologies have made in the workplace. Automation has always been the bias towards task accomplishment and it continues to be so and with increasing importance as companies now invest more in workplace technology to be able to afford the costs of highly specialized professional wages. So much so that new technologies such as cloud communications, cloud computing, mobile devices, and even the business VoIP that makes any typical business phone system run have all contributed to the radical change in professional work set-ups the world over.

Companies have become, in recent years, more enlightened about the benefits of telecommuter work set-ups that lessen the overhead costs associated with having too many employees using up too many workplace equipment, physical tools and too much rented space to house workstations. Business owners likewise, especially the tech savvy among them, have also grown aware of the benefits offered by virtual office set-ups that professional online freelancers thrive in to believe that the same degree of productivity and quality of work could be sourced from telecommuter set-ups.

Globally-inclined online freelancer job networks have also made this option more practical for pros and business owners. While company owners could now hire from a global talent pool and stand to enjoy a wider array of pro choices, online pros also enjoy the advantages of being able to work at their own pace, follow their passions and be gainfully employed without troubling themselves with work-related legwork.

A New Work Order

For the average professional, the emergence of a telecommuter option opens up an altogether new alternative to practicing careers outside of the confines of workstations in traditional offices that most companies have. While office rules and regulations dictate work orders and processes wherever they operate, telecommuter work also has its own rules and regulations to follow. Most of these guidelines put the stress on online collaborative ability among telecommuting pros. Companies that employ sizable numbers of telecommuter workers usually require these pros to possess the following attributes:

  • International Time Awareness
  • Since telecommuters would usually be working for companies situated across various continents, the awareness with regards to varying time zones would be necessary for such workers to know. Time management needs to be in context with such variables.

  • Works with Minimal Supervision
  • Telecommuting isn’t a face-to-face work collaboration set-up so pros must be capable of accomplishing work targets and project goals with very minimal supervision while at the same time delivering high quality work.

  • High Instructional Data Comprehension
  • Since most project briefs and work-related correspondence detailing work are usually done via Internet fax or email communication and rarely via phone calls, it would be advantageous for the telecommuter pro to have a high sense of instructional data comprehension. Your effective understanding of any work premise or problem solving parameters would always be expected by everyone.

  • Serviceable Online Tech Savvy and Telecom Connectivity
  • Computer literacy and online tech proficiency are the most basic requirements especially those that have to do with softwares, apps and online telecom device technologies (VoIP) that enable real-time collaboration online.

  • Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity
  • Since it would be usual for telecommuter to be working online with various people from various global regions and cultures, serviceable amounts of multicultural sensitivity and awareness are also necessary. Respect for different cultural beliefs, customs and creeds need to be observed even while doing professional online work.