What Makes Quirky, Unique Products So Valuable And Treasured?

This article looks at why unique and quirky products continue to grow in popularity, and why people value and treasure them so highly.

Something Different

The first thing you think of when you think unique and quirky is that something is different. This can cause a problem. Things that are different, unique, quirky, or whichever adjective you would use to describe them, always run the risk of being fad products, of having thousands of people jumping straight onto the bandwagon and then getting off as soon as the next “must have” product comes along.

That said, there are a number of these products and styles that are enduring and are loved for eternity. We cast aside the negative, bandwagon bound products, and looked at the factors that make a unique product so special.

You’ve Got It

“Unique” is an easy word to band around, and it would be fair to say that as a description it is grossly overused. So many businesses use the word unique to dress something up, without actually telling us what is unique about it.

In a lot of cases, what makes something unique is that there may only be a few of them. If you can get hold of something that has been handmade and not mass produced, then you will feel the desire to look after it a lot more than something that is easily available at the nearest store.

As a Gift

Often we look at gifts, whether as the buyer or the receiver of them, and wonder what on Earth they mean. To take this further, think about how often you have opened a gift and wondered just what the person was thinking when they bought it for you?

That all goes out of the window with something unique and quirky. You know some thought has gone into it because it is so different and the perfect thing to buy for yourself. If you, or someone else, has gone trawling through markets and antique shops, for example, looking for the perfect gift that no-one else has, that is the embodiment of a thoughtful, meaningful gift.

Something About It

Once you have fought bravely past the overuse of words such as “unique,” you can usually find something about a product that gives it the proverbial x-factor. It may be that it is handmade, that it is made from a specific eco-friendly material, or in a certain place.

Either way, the story behind it enables you to treasure something and hold it close to your heart, and it can be a great conversation starter with friends or guests to your home, for example.

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