What Products are Good to Give to Sport Spectators?

Whether it’s football, rugby or cricket, sporting fixtures usually attract hundreds, if not thousands, of spectators. Understandably, the main focus of their attention will be what’s happening on the field of play, but there are plenty of opportunities for advertisers. In the US, some companies pay millions of dollars for TV ads during the Superbowl. But you don’t have to have a multimillion pound budget to advertise your organisation at sporting events. Here are some ideas for those looking for something more cost-effective.

Sponsoring athletes’ kits is one option to ensure your logo is clearly seen by people attending the match. Alternatively, you could target spectators themselves by giving out promotional products.

Here are some of the items you could distribute, all of which could be printed with your organisation’s logo, marketing slogan and contact details.

Giant foam hands – These promotional products will certainly inject an element of fun into watching a game. Give them out to the home supporters and they’ll use them to celebrate a goal, try or boundary.

Clappers – These can be a ‘handy’ way for spectators to build up noise levels at certain points in the game like corner kicks and penalties.

Whistles – Like clappers, whistles can help keep up the noise, even if the action on the field of play is less than enthralling.

Promotional merchandise can help to create a better atmosphere at a match, which in turn could give the competing athletes an additional boost to perform to the best of their abilities, something you may be especially encouraged to do if you’re one of the team’s main sponsors.

So, how do you distribute promotional items? You could give out products at stalls outside the stadium or arena in the lead-up to the big game. People love receiving a free gift, with research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association showing 87 per cent of people have held on to promotional merchandise for at least 12 months. Promotional products can provide a lasting reminder of your brand and organisation long after the final whistle.

If you’re a sponsor of the home team, you might want to think about giving away items during half-time. Although many people use the break to grab a bite to eat, running competitions where spectators can get their hands on a free hat or T-shirt means you can hold their attention until the second half starts.

It is also worth bearing in mind that while thousands of people attend sporting events in person, the number of people watching them on TV is much greater, which is why products like giant foam hands, which have a large print area, are particularly popular at televised sports events. As an example, this year’s Wimbledon final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer attracted a peak audience of 16.9 million people, while England’s Euro 2012 quarter-final against Italy was seen by some 23 million viewers.

Increasing numbers of people are also watching live events on their smartphones, tablets and PCs. As such, promotional products can complement your multichannel marketing strategy. Give away promotional merchandise at televised sporting fixtures and you should have the opportunity for your brand to be seen by a nationwide audience.

Is your business is considering distributing promotional products at sporting events? If so, what items will you use?

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