What Should You Tweet

The content of a tweet is often not considered to be of important, particularly by those users who send out millions of tweets in a day, mainly to cascade information. There is, however, a structure to tweets and even tweets have a headline, a link and what they call the hashtag.

One would have seen that there is a character #, called a ‘Hash’ in the dialog box where one is supposed to type out the tweet in reply to someone’s. The characters after the hash are identified as the topics or as the keywords. At the same time, overuse of the hash can result in the whole tweet looking spammy and getting blogged off by suspicious users. Having less than three Hash marks is considered to be safe.

Keywords for Twitter are identified in the same way you do it on Google. The commonest words among search results are usually sure-shot topics and they can be found by searching through category on the Twitter search field. The ones with the highest amount of activity are to be chosen closest to one’s niche.

Re-tweeting is an option that has been introduced to Twitter a while ago, and this lets a user post another user’s tweet to one’s feed so that all of his followers can see it. It roughly follows the same concept as ‘forward’ in e-mail and is analogous to ‘repost’ in Facebook. This can be done via the ‘retweet’ button that has been provided by Google or by pasting the selected tweet and posting it to your own feed. The higher the popularity of the tweet that you have retweeted, the higher the chance of being indexed by Google, and faster. This is, therefore, a very effective strategy.

But do not merely become a prey for continued retweeting which makes you a mere echo of the original users. This is the surest way for someone to lose interest in your page. They would rather follow the original user!

The popularity of your twitter page and whether it has diverted any real traffic to your landing page can be analyzed through good old Google analytics. It is a robust tool that helps you identify if you have made any progress, and whether the new way of tweeting has been of any use.

Twitter feeds are updated by the second, and a huge number of new tweets take the place of old ones even as you watch. This is the beauty as well as the bane of Twitter. The only way you can preserve what you feel is most important or useful is to ‘favorite’ something you like by hitting on the ‘star’ icon that appears right beside the ‘retweet’ button. If this is not done and you wish you manually search for a particular tweet, it becomes rather annoying to browse through the archives, simply because there are so many of the tweets.

Ultimately you should tweet matters of interest and still be the combination of human tone and matters that are informative, giving tips on the best deals for a slew of customers.

David Hamer is director of MakeUsAWebsite Limited, who provide cheap website design and ecommerce web design.