What Things To Focus While Selecting A CDN Company?

What Things To Focus While Selecting A CDN Company?

A CDN turns out to be an effective solution if you are coming across some distinct problems with your web performance. It is such a cool thing that you are freed from the troubles like poor bandwidth, package loss, and also latency. Along with saving your web from DDos attacks, CDN is capable enough to save you from intruders like bots, spammers, and scrapers. When the benefits of using a CDN are just obvious, you must buy web hosting for bettering the performance of your website.

What to Pay While Choosing a CDN Company?

A network of servers located around the world is known as CDN (Content Delivery Network). All the client’s information like scripts, files, and images are stored in the data centres of CDN that houses these servers called the point of presences (POPs).

When you purchase the services of CDN, you actually pay the company for placing your data on their servers in POPs that are scattered all over the world. Due to this service, your users who live at a far distance from the local server can access the website or content quickly.

How to Select the Best CDN Provider for Your Website?

CDN is not a free service, which is offered by some special companies only. No matter what, these companies are still great in number. Here, we give you some tips and tricks on how to select the best and cheapest CDN provider for your company.

Consider the following things before choosing a CDN provider.

  • The Location of Your Final User

If your user lives far away from the residence place, CDN brings him closer to the web content. And since when your goal is to reach the audience who live in some particular geographical area, you must know that the provider you are selecting has POPs in their area.

  • The Concept of Push and Pull Server

You may either be offered Pull or Push services while availing the services of a CDN company. In a Pull CDN, the site owner rewrites the site’s URL to point to the CDN while leaving content on his original server. And in the case of Push CDN, the content is directly uploaded to the CDN from where the user is linked.

  • The Number of Servers

While selecting a CDN company, you must also know the number of servers that company possesses. If a CDN company possess some great amount of servers all over the world, it would be an excellent match for the web resources that aim to get high traffic from different regions of the world. A CDN provider with a few servers won’t be good enough.

  • The Bandwidth of Your Website

Your website’s bandwidth is an important factor that tells you if the CDN providers suit you the best. A premium CDN may cause you unnecessary expenditures if the bandwidth is less than 100 GB or even 500 GB. In such cases, the user must have plans according to their bandwidth needs.

  • Friendly Support Service

The company you are approaching must have knowledgeable employees so that they’ll be able to respond to customers’’ inquiries effectively within no time. Also, they may fix the problems connected to the service quickly.

  • Pricing

it is advisable to do some homework while selecting the best pricing plan, as you’ll get to know that there is a huge difference in pricing between different CDN providers.

Service Packages including both standard and uncommon ones, CDN providers may have several packages. You must pay attention to that factor too.