What To Consider When Booking Meeting Rooms

What To Consider When Booking Meeting Rooms

Organising an event or conference can be a challenge. One of the biggest considerations is the venue, the suitability of which can have a major impact upon the success of the event. So what do organisers need to think about when booking meeting rooms? Below are some important considerations.


It is good to agree a budget before beginning the search for a venue. Doing so will ensure there are no delays or nasty surprises. Venues usually offer a variety of different packages, so compare options carefully. Watch out for hidden extras!


Choosing the right location should be a priority. Although it is tempting to find a space that is most convenient for your organisation and employees, it is really important to bear in mind where attendees are going to be travelling from and use this to work out the most suitable place. A venue close to good transport links and in a central location, such as the meeting rooms Euston has to offer are a must if you don’t want delegates getting lost and arriving late.

Size of Venue

The size of the venue is important and will say a lot about an organisation. A cramped room can be hot and uncomfortable for delegates, while too much space may imply that the conference is undersubscribed, or that people have not turned up. Plan well in advance to ensure you make the right choice. Confirm numbers ahead of the event and don’t forget to take into account any specialist equipment that may also require space. Think about how the day will run. Many organisations require a big meeting room and then several smaller ones for workshops.

Food and Drink

Catering is a vital factor to take into consideration. Very often delegates have travelled a long way and will not be happy to spend long periods of time in meetings with no refreshments. Most venues offer a range of different options for catering.


The majority of conference venues will be equipped with basic necessities such as internet access and disabled facilities. However, it is essential the organiser checks what is available before committing to a booking. Make a list of requirements before beginning your search. For example, will you need stationary, flip charts, video and audio equipment or toiletries?


Depending upon the length of time the conference is due to run and the distance attendees are travelling, it may be a good idea to ensure the availability of good quality accommodation nearby. This is especially so if the conference is due to run late into the evening or to start early in the morning. Meeting rooms within hotels make life a lot easier for both organisers and attendees and venues are often able to offer a reduced room rate for those involved in the event.


For conferences that run on for more than one day, it can be nice for attendees to have access to some evening entertainment. Consider this when booking the venue. Look for a location in a good area, with a variety of different things to do. Sometimes simply a hotel bar is fine, as long as there is somewhere for delegates to relax together after a long day in the meeting room.