What To Consider When Picking Out Christmas Shower Curtains

After you have decked your halls with garland and bows, infuse your bathrooms with some holiday spirit by decking your stalls with Christmas shower curtains. Shower curtains are a focal point in the bathroom, just as the Christmas tree is the focal point in the living room. A simple change of shower curtain and the addition of a few coordinated vanity items impart instant holiday cheer into your bathroom.

Color Cues
Christmas decorating is no longer bound by limits of red, green and white. Today’s holiday home décor, from Christmas shower curtains to tree ornament sets, spans the color spectrum to include holiday patterns set in backgrounds of blue, taupe, pink, sage, cream, burgundy and purple. For a look that illustrates Christmas while remaining tied in with the rest of the home, work with the pre-existing bathroom color scheme. If your bathroom displays neutral hues, consider echoing colors from the living room. In the case of a master bathroom, borrow from the color palette featured in the master bedroom. If the master bedroom exudes blue, then its adjoining bathroom will look stunning in Christmas trimmings of ice blue or midnight blue, paired with snowy white and hardware accents of silver.
Choose Your Pattern
Today’s Christmas shower curtains offer a vast array of patterns to complement every style of home décor, from traditional to contemporary.
Whimsical options feature boldly colored holiday characters such as reindeer, Santa, snowmen, elves, and gingerbread men. Images of Christmas objects like ornaments, candy canes, and colorful light bulbs offer another cheery alternative. Lavishly decorated Christmas trees, the twelve days of Christmas, and green and red plaids all offer traditional flare.
For instant winter wonderland appeal, choose patterns of snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, penguins or polar bears featured on pale blue backgrounds. For a botanical look, a pattern of holly, poinsettia flowers, evergreen branches or pine cones create the natural atmosphere, made even more charming when these depictions include such winter feathered friends as chickadees or cardinals.
For classic elegance, you may prefer a seasonal solid color for the shower curtain and towels, embellished with a holiday bouquet and a couple of Christmas-themed toiletry accessories on the vanity. Solid colors are also a crisp addition when paired with color-coordinated patterns. If the shower curtain pattern of your choice is a non-waterproof linen, select a solid color vinyl panel to line the inside surface of the linen. The solid color will match and bring out the pattern colors of your choice.
Complete the Look
Once your have selected your Christmas shower curtains, you will likely discover that several coordinating accessory pieces are available to complete the bathroom’s holiday appeal. Decorative shower curtain hooks, towel sets, tissue boxes, and decorative pump dispensers for lotions and soaps, combined with a bouquet of holiday blooms, provide those decorator’s finishing touches.
Whether you love to decorate with over-the-top joyous exuberance or you prefer elegant and understated embellishment, dressing the bathrooms in holiday cheer is as fun and easy as trimming the rest of your home. Let every room, including the bathroom, radiate Christmas greetings to your family and guests throughout the holiday season.
Mark Tillman is a freelance writer and experienced craftsmen. He’s currently making custom designed christmas shower curtains for the upcoming holiday season.