What To Do If You Suffer A Work Related Injury

Work related injuries are common, partly because we spend a lot of time at work and partly because employers don’t always take the necessary steps to ensure the workplace is safe. If you have been injured while at work, you may want to claim for compensation and you can contact Maurice Blackburn workers compensation lawyers to have a consultation to find out if you are eligible to make a claim. It can be a complicated process to make a claim for compensation and how long it will take will vary from case to case, so it is important to find a lawyer who understands the law surrounding this particular industry.

No Win No Fee Services

No win no fee is a great service to look out for, as this can relieve the financial pressures of hiring a lawyer. You will only have to pay them their fee if you win the case and this will also give you the peace of mind that they will work hard to win and also that they will only take it to court if they believe you have a strong case.

You may be eligible to make a claim if any of the following has happened to you:

  • If your health has been affected due to the workplace
  • If you have been injured at work
  • If your general well being has suffered because of the environment you work in

If you had an injury, illness or disease and this has got worse since you began working, you may also have grounds to make a claim. This is something that any good lawyer will be able to offer you advice about and you will need to make an appointment to have a consultation with the lawyer before you decide if you want to take the case any further, as well as if they are prepared to.

How to Get Started

The first thing you should do if you have suffered an injury at work is report it to your employer. You will need to do this within 30 days of the injury and you should also visit your doctor to get a medical certificate. When you hand the certificate over to your employer, you will need to keep a copy for your own records and get your employer to sign both the original and the copies.

Many work related injuries include the following:

  • An injury to the back after carrying and lifting heavy objects
  • A slip due to a slippery surface not being signed after cleaning
  • Falling on stairs, tripping over a ladder or falling on an uneven pathway
  • Overexertion when lifting, pushing, holding, throwing or carrying

The amount you are entitled to will vary depending on the type of injury sustained and the circumstances around it. You can also make a claim for aggravation of an old injury and deterioration of a disease that has been impacted by your work and having a good lawyer is vital in order to win a case.