What To Do If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

There are some dogs that love to run after cars, and the only way that you can break this dangerous habit is if you have the dog trained. It will also help if you provide a fenced area so he won’t be able to escape and chase after moving cars. Fences can prevent him from being hit by a vehicle or from causing an accident.

Training him, providing a fenced area, and even putting a leash on him when he’s out in the front yard are sometimes not enough to ensure his safety. You also have to know how to administer first aid treatment in case he got hit by a car.

Restraining a Hurt Dog

You should remember that some dogs, no matter how much they love and trust their owners, become feral when they’re in pain. They try to bite and attack the person because they don’t understand that help is being given. When you approach your injured dog, it is important that you approach him slowly and calmly. Speaking in a very low and reassuring tone will also help calm him down.

Once you’re near enough, do not touch him just yet. Instead, observe his eyes and tail. Does he look aggressive? Is he snarling and growling? Are his eyes wide and glazed? If you answer “yes” to these questions, then do not touch your pet. He might attack you. Instead, slowly slip a leash around your pet’s neck. If you don’t have his leash, then you can use your belt. The important thing is that you restrain him to prevent him from attacking you.

If the dog is docile, then you can pet him for reassurance. This will help calm him down before you put a leash on him.

Once you’ve got the leash on the dog, the next step is to muzzle him. What you can do is to slip a rope or maybe even a long strip of cloth around his muzzle and tie the ends under his chin. Finally, bring the ends towards his ears and then tie them snugly behind the ears.

If there are bleeding wounds, then you need to cover it with a clean cloth and then apply pressure to prevent blood from flowing.

Moving the Dog to a Safe Place

After restraining and muzzling him, the next step is moving him to a safe place, away from the road and traffic to prevent further accidents.

Now, care should be taken before you move your dog though. If you are going to carry him, be sure that his position is stable. This helps prevent further injuries such as a fractured bone damaging an organ and causing internal bleeding. If possible, you can slip a flat board such as a hard cardboard under the dog to prevent him from moving around. The flat board, serving as a stretcher, will also help keep his body stable when you transport him to the animal hospital.

When you arrive at the animal hospital, be sure to tell the staff what happened. A full detailed account of what happened can help the vet care for your pet properly and quickly.

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The author, Jennifer Dachs, works as a volunteer at a dog pound. She also works as a freelance content provider for several pet blogs and animal clinic blogs such as Sugar Hill Veterinarian.