What To Do When We Have Pre-Diabetes Symptoms?

Many people have higher risks of suffering from diabetes and in the United States alone, about 20 million people already have the disease. It is easy to prevent diabetes and people with pre-diabetes condition can heal themselves. Often, people with earliest symptoms of diabetes can return to the normal, healthy state by having exercises and proper diet changes. In fact, people could have 60 percent less chance of getting diabetes if they manage to lose 10 pounds of excess body weight. It is also important for them to follow healthy diet and have at least moderate to light exercise each day, such 30 minutes of brisk walk.

People should be wary if they have pre-diabetes symptoms. This condition is also known as adult-onset diabetes and found in many people. This could happen if our body start to have insulin resistance. In this case, our body doesn’t respond appropriately to insulin. Pre-diabetes can happen at any age and it is often related to modern life consequences, such as lack of exercise, stress and constant consumption of fast food. Being inactive and overweight, we can increase the chance of dramatically developing Type 2 diabetes.

Standard treatment for pre-diabetes condition may include changing diet pattern to reduce sugar, calories and cholesterol intake. We should also need to take prescription drugs to prevent the condition from getting worse. In general, daily physical activities and modest weight loss could prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. This will allow people to lead a normal life longer. Heathy lifestyle could make a huge different to our condition. Strength training is a good way to alleviate pre-diabetes conditions. Muscle have higher metabolism than our normal soft tissue.

Adult onset diabetes is often associated with poor glucose metabolism, so it is important for us improve our overall metabolism. We could have only 20 to 30 minutes of weight training each week. However, weight training shouldn’t replace regular exercise sessions. We should still have 30 minutes of daily exercises, about four or five times a week. The intensity of the exercise could depend on the condition of each individual. At first, people may start with 30 minutes of brisk walking, followed later by occasional running. In general, we should always move briskly for the whole duration of 30-minute exercise.

Nutritional changes are also essential to make sure that we consume quality food with proper amount of beneficial nutrients. Bulk food that we choose should be rich in fiber and nutrient, instead of high in carbohydrate. It is also important to make sure that we have frequent small meals, instead of three big meals. Mineral and vitamin supplements should be taken based on doctor’s recommendations. It is important to make sure that each nutrient we consume can have huge benefits to our body. Pre-diabetes symptoms are simply warning that there is something wrong with our lifestyle. Ideally, each person should eat properly and have moderately active lifestyle. They should have proper body weight and stress-free.