What To Do With Leftover Tiles

There are many nifty uses for leftover tiles from a tiling project. It is advised however not to use all the tiles leftover in any project as one may need to replace or repair somewhere along the lifespan of what one used. When buying tiles it is an industry standard to buy 10% more tiles then one needs. If buying more than 10% then here a few things to do with your tiles.

Of course one of the easiest things to do with leftover tile is use them in your kitchen for pot trivets or plant trivets. This is especially so in larger sized tiles and decorative tiles. With smaller tiles there can be some of the same uses but also they can be used as a coaster for the living room or outdoor patio area. Using granite tiles for under patio plants can give a great overall look. To find more out about this and other uses for tiles searching online be it in a Houston Granite tile outlet or any other national respected outlet where some ideas will be greatly expressed.

A fun project to use tiles for is making mosaic table tops or projects of the like. By taking any type of tile and breaking them up to form a mosaic pattern is a fun patio project for many. Using mortar or cement to set broken tiles within a table top is a unique and self-made way to using up unwanted tiles. In some it is a project to use this mosaic method in mirrors, frames, planters and other memory type items.

Some homeowners also break up or crush old tile to form a broken garden pathway. In many cases if the tile is colorful it is broken down to small pieces and used as a gardening edge. This border affect to any outdoor garden is a great and bright way to show off any area. If the tiles are large enough making a footpath with whole tiles is also a great idea.

If you have tiles that you just don’t need any more or were from a previous remodeling project, many times you can list them on sites on the internet for free. In other instances one can donate them to an art class or some type of non-profit organization to make projects from. Many art classes use them for mosaic art, which was mentioned here previously.

In a simplistic ideal for using old tiles, many break up the tiles and use them in the bottoms of flower pots to slow drainage and to hold moisture within the soil. If using inside of the pot, again mosaic applied to the outside is another great way to spruce up your window sills or garden pots.

Painting tiles is another method to use with old tiles. If your project included larger sized tiles one can decorate these with sayings, art, paintings and things of this nature. Once they are painted on with professional ceramic paint you also kiln these tiles to make them last a lifetime. One can also use this method for tile table runners. This might sound odd but many people are putting tile table runners in the center of the tables to rest pots and serving dishes upon. This is a great way to decorate and a great way for using to protect the table underneath. Finding more information on this and other uses of leftover tiles, be it looking in for Houston Granite outlet or any other national outlet, one can find fun and easy ways to bring an art to unwanted tiles.

Many of the projects mentioned here are somewhat simplistic. There are many complicated uses for leftover tiles including making wall plinths and wall art out of broken or unused tiles. There are great masterpiece of such including garden walkway and wall art with mosaic shelves, water features and larger projects of this magnitude. No matter what you decide to do with some of your left over tiles or all of your old project tiles it can be a fun adventure. Even try making window boxes for your plants to grow out of is another fun project for that cottage house look.  Choosing from all there is to do will be just a small part of the fun as many of these projects can be done in spare times or weekend projects.

Paul Burrows had been tiling for ten years.