What To Expect After Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

When you’ve been injured due to an accident – whether it’s a car crash, slip and fall, motorcycle accident, or anything in between – it can feel as if your life is put on hold. And in some respects, it may well be. If you are seriously injured, it may be impossible to attend your classes, go to work, or do any of the hobbies you enjoy in your spare time. Depending on the extent of your condition and injuries, you may have severe restrictions on your activity level or may be stuck in the hospital. If you find yourself in such a position, it is vital that you contact a personal injury attorney to help you file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

Meeting With Your Attorney

After hiring a personal injury attorney, you will meet with the attorney to discuss your case. While the attorney will have general background information from your earlier conversations, now is the time to share additional information that will be important to fill in the details of your case. This meeting can be long, or you may have multiple meetings to discuss different aspects of your case in full. You can expect your attorney to ask you many questions and listen carefully to your answers. You might find your attorney is asking questions that challenge your account, but that is done to help solidify your case.

Filing Your Case

While incidents that lead to personal injuries can often occur very quickly, filing such a lawsuit has a slower pace. Your attorney will need time to convert your claim into an official legal document called a complaint, and this complaint must be delivered to the parties you are suing, called the defendants. Once this happens, the defendants will meet with their lawyers, and they will have to file a response, but this can take some time. While rules of court typically provide fairly brief limits for the amount of time required for a response, the granting of extensions is not uncommon.

Settlement Talks

If the other side is willing to provide some compensation to you in order to avoid trial, they may approach your lawyer about a possible settlement. In some courts, making an effort to resolve claims without trial is necessary. Depending upon how willing you and the defendants are regarding settlement, there may be one or multiple meetings that take place over what could be a long duration of time. If no settlement is reached, your case will typically go to trial.

Knowing what to expect before going in to see a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney can help alleviate a lot of anxiety one may have. These professionals are there to make sure you are fairly compensated during this tumultuous time in your life. Make sure you know what to expect and you will be well on your way to financial stability.