What to Expect If Your Loved One Is Arrested For A Criminal Offense

What to Expect If Your Loved One Is Arrested For A Criminal Offense

One of the worst feelings in the world is to know that your loved one has been arrested and is headed to jail. If this has happened to you, you likely feel helpless and worried that something bad might happen because you weren’t there to help them through it all. Thankfully, there are a few steps to take to make sure your loved one makes it out of jail. Read this article to find out what you can do to help your loved one through an arrest and what steps you should take next.

Will they be taken into custody?

If your loved one is arrested, they may or may not be taken into custody. Many factors contribute to whether someone will be taken into custody. The first consideration for being taken into custody is the nature of the crime that they’re being accused of. For example, if they are accused of a violent crime, it is likely that they will be taken into custody to prevent any other violence. However, if they are being arrested for something like tax fraud, they may not need to be taken into custody.

If you know your loved one well, you can try to determine if they’re likely to flee or become violent and whether they have a history of alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction. If they do have a history of these behaviors, not only will that be considered a good reason for the state to take them into custody, them going into custody may also be something that you’d benefit from. That way the state can prevent anything bad from happening to them while you and your loved one are working through the difficult process of the arrest. 

If your loved one is not taken into custody, consider helping them stay away from alcohol or other things that can be used against them to put him into custody after his release. Additionally, if it is safe for you to do so, consider staying in close proximity to them so you can help them make smart decisions while their stress is likely very high.

Should you call an attorney?

Once your loved one is arrested, your initial reaction might be to call a criminal defense lawyer. Do you need one? The answer is maybe depending on what type of crime your loved one is suspected of committing, the situation, and your loved one’s criminal background. Ultimately, whether or not to hire an attorney should be guided by how much control your loved one has over the case, versus how much risk there is in proceeding without legal help. 

There are many nuances included in a criminal arrest that aren’t common knowledge to everyday citizens. Because of this, even if you feel like you can handle the case on your own or you feel as though you have control of the situation, an attorney with experience in the type of offense that your loved one was arrested for is helpful. Additionally, most attorneys will provide a free consultation before having you sign a contract or pay them for their services. This can be a helpful step in ensuring you are taking the correct steps.

Depending on the case, it is likely that the state will appoint an attorney for your loved-ones defense if you don’t contact your own attorney. If this is the case, you will likely have a highly skilled attorney but they may not have the experience that many personal attorneys have. Luckily, by law, attorneys are supposed to be free of conflict when it comes to the person they are representing. However, that doesn’t mean that they are completely free of conflict as you don’t know what their past representations have resulted in, nor do you know their personal feelings that may get in the way when considering the ideal attorney.

How can you get your loved one released from jail?

Even if your loved one is going to stand trial, depending on the crime, they may be eligible for bail. Bail doesn’t excuse them from a court or mean that they are free to go or do whatever they please, however, it is a way to keep your loved one at home during the process instead of being cooped up in a local jail cell. If you believe that your family member or friend has been wrongfully arrested, it’s likely a good idea to have an attorney at their side from day one of their detention so they can begin fighting for their freedom. An attorney can not only help with bail but for the entire process after bail including any court hearings or court orders. This will not only help your loved one get the best chance of staying out of jail after being released, it can also help you continue living your life while feeling confident that your loved one is being taken care of.

Continue balancing your life

No matter what happens to your loved one, whether they are convicted or released on bail, it is important that you continue living your life the best you can. You can take time off of work, and take the time you need for your emotional and mental health but also, consider continuing your life to the best of your abilities. 

If your loved one has been arrested, you might be wondering what to expect in the coming days and weeks. Keep this information in mind as you learn more about how to best help your loved one get through this difficult time.