What To Expect When Installing A Conservatory

Unforeseen Factors Which Could Affect You Conservatory Installation

If you are at a stage where you are considering having a conservatory added to your home then you will have no doubt by now considered the options available to you. You might even be set on a specific style.

Of course there are a range of things to consider such as the costs, the style, etc. However, before getting ahead of yourself, it’s worth remembering that there is a minefield of potential unknown issues which could hamper your installation.

Planning Permission

In some areas planning permission can be a very difficult issue to navigate, while in others it is effectively little more than a formality. Unfortunately, in the case of the former, a variety of features can affect the arrangement of your conservatory if it is viable at all.

In many cases height restrictions of additions to a home or their proximity to the nearest building can be the sticking point that makes the whole operation far more difficult than originally anticipated.  In order to ensure early on that this problem is not going to raise its ugly head, you can have a surveyor from a conservatory construction company look over these details to ensure that everything is above board. In some cases they may even handle the planning permission arrangements from start to finish for no additional charge.


Another often unforeseen factor is the neighbours. While you may be unfortunate in this respect with a particularly difficult neighbour, it is still important that you make them aware of your plans before things get underway. This of course only refers to neighbours whose view or landscaping could be directly affected by this.

It is important to be considerate to others so think about any possible repercussions of erecting a conservatory in your area, particularly if it is likely to act as a sun blockade for your next door neighbour’s garden.


This is a vitally important factor and it is essential that the surveyor considers this before any kind of paperwork is signed or foundations are started. It is one of the most vital factors in erecting any kind of structure as a small miscalculation or omission could have serious repercussions on your build.

If it is not effectively accounted for, at the very least you could find a large amount of water build-up around the edges of your conservatory as the build effects the natural drainage around your home. Other than that you might see it getting into the foundations causing water damage or even affecting the structural integrity of the site.

Fortunately this is an issue that can quite easily be resolved as part of the build with custom drainage. That said, you might find that this could result in additional costs.

David Sanderson is a conservatory installation expert. He has worked on countless jobs over the years dealing with every expected and unexpected issue.