What to Expect When You Move in With Your Boyfriend

Normally, couples in long, consistent relationships or those that are strong even for a short period would take their relationship to the “next level” – this means moving in with the other. Moving in with your significant other is a serious matter, and may change your relationship for the better or for the worse. You will also need Nanaimo movers to help you move in. Hence, if you are planning to move in with your special someone, expect to experience the following.

Lots of changes

It doesn’t matter how strong your relationship is, moving in together with your significant other will somehow change your relationship. This time, you’ll share with almost everything, from food, TV, bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc. Every day you are transforming your relationship into a “domestic partnership”. And with these, you’re bound to see new things about your boyfriend that you might don’t like so much.

Your boyfriend isn’t perfect

Every individual has their bad side and just like you, he’s not perfect. Make sure to be patient with your boyfriend and motivate him to treat you in the same manner. If you want something, be sure to tell him about it as most men don’t take clues and appreciate girls that are upfront.

Less dating

As time goes by, you’ll get too comfortable with each other. While this isn’t wrong, you also need to make sure that you maintain the excitement in your relationship by continuing to go on date and events. If you are always together, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of just staying in the house for movies and taking advantage of food deliveries. But, continue to nurture your relationship by watching events together, cooking dinner together, going out to see a movie. Always have something that both of you can look forward to. Don’t stop dating.

Alone time is important

If you and your boyfriend are under one roof, having alone time isn’t easy. You must make sure to tell your boyfriend “I want to go on a walk, alone” and your boyfriend must also learn to do the same thing. However, it is important that the two of you must be offended with this. It can be consuming to be with someone daily and be deprived with your alone time.

Legal and financial responsibilities

Opting to live with your partner is more than an emotional commitment; it also entails that the two of you agree on financial and legal responsibilities, like paying your mortgage/lease and utility bills.

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