What To Look For In A Furnished Apartment

Choosing a furnished apartment can be struggle, especially when all you have to make your choice is a website or online reviews. Although some will lure you in with visions of grandeur and luxurious sheets, it is important to see past that and focus instead on the six important elements to look for when choosing a short term rental.

1. Price
The most important thing for most stays is simply price. Whatever your budget, it is vital to get good value for your money. Those with a limited amount to spend might look toward hotels, but even those who are able to splurge a little on accommodations should do so knowing they are receiving the best deal for their expense. Those that are unnecessarily expensive should be skipped over in favor of one that offers a better bargain.
2. Location
Whether the furnished apartment is necessary for a business trip in the city or a beach vacation, you should find out how close it is to the locations you most want to visit. Ideally, the location can be within walking distance of the nearest attractions. This will not only make for a more fun and time saving trip, but it can also save money as you don’t need to worry about transportation in the form of rental cars, buses, taxis and trains. Look online to find out which lodging choices are within walking distance of where you plan to explore during the day, as well as the nearby restaurants for dinner.

3. Cleanliness

This is a challenging aspect to judge when you are unable to see the furnished rental firsthand thanks to internet booking.  Websites will rarely show anything less than a perfect room, but upon arrival it might be that you are greeted with someone very different in your own room. This is the perfect time to search for online reviews of the apartment. Do not expect every single customer review to be ideal, but hone in on whether the complaints are with the cleanliness of the rooms. If it is a common complaint, skip that and find another.
4. Amenities
Find out what it has to offer guests, from swimming pools and fitness centers to libraries and onsite restaurants. Not every amenity will be important for you or your family, but those with a wider selection are generally better value for your money.
5. Courteous Staff
It is vital to seek out a place with a courteous front desk staff. Many accommodations have a concierge desk where staff are willing to provide guests with maps, dinner reservations or even recommendations for a range of activities and attractions. Having helpful, attentive and courteous staff will make your stay much more enjoyable.
6. Discounts/Points
Whenever possible, choose one that will offer greater discounts to you because of your employer, fraternal organization or airline credit card. Sometimes it is even possible to net points to use in future stays or vacation packages, making your stay truly pay.
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