What To Look For When Selecting Hair Extensions

Receiving hair extensions has become a rather popular trend these days. Many people want to receive hair extensions, but aren’t really sure of what to look for when selecting either the hair extensions themselves or a salon that can apply the extensions. The only thing most people are sure of, is that they definitely want extensions that look natural.

Some Tips for Purchasing Hair Extensions

  1. Know how long You’ll Use the Extensions for – Knowing how long you’ll be using the extension and what occasion(s) you’ll be using them for are very important. If you’re only using hair extensions for a one-time event, say a costume party, you’ll want to buy the clip-in hair extensions. That way once the party is over you can simply pull the extensions out. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent change you’ll want to follow the next point.
  2. Don’t Sacrifice Quality – There is an old saying that goes “you get what you paid for”. This is true with just about anything, but especially when it comes to hair extensions. There are many styles of hair extensions available in all sorts of price ranges. Naturally you don’t want to buy the most expensive set, but you don’t want to buy cheap hair extensions either. The price of the extensions generally reflects the quality of the material used in their production. Cheaper extensions are generally made from cheap, synthetic materials. This usually results in the extensions looking less natural and not being to last as long as their more well made counterparts. Try to find a nice middle ground that stays within your budget and still provides you with a quality hair extension.
  3. Bring Along a Second Pair of Eyes – You’ll want to take a friend with you when you are looking for the extensions. One of the most important factors in having your extensions look as natural as they can is making sure they match as close to your natural hair color as much as possible. They can give a real world opinion on how well the color of the extension matches your natural color being that they can view your hair and the extension together in a more natural light. Trying to make this comparison on your own would require you to stand in front of a well lit mirror which may make some colors appear lighter, or if the area around the mirror isn’t lit enough, make some colors appear darker.
  4. Find a High Quality Hair Salon to attach your Hair Extensions – Applying the permanent hair extensions can be quite a lengthy process. That’s why I would not advise trying to put them in on your own. Shop around at various hair salons in your area to A) find a salon that offers hair extensions and B) find out how much it would cost. If you cannot find a salon, ask around through friends and family. They may know someone with experience that can help you. Whether you go through a salon or an individual with experience, always ask to see a portfolio of extensions they have done in the past.

By following these tips, you’ll hopefully be able to find the hair extensions that will give you the natural new look that you want!
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