What To Prepare For In Case Of A Child Custody Dispute

Every parent going through a divorce knows that children keep mothers and fathers connected long after married life is over. Some former couples can maintain a civil relationship after divorce because of their mutual concern for the happiness and welfare of their children. In other divorces, justifiable or otherwise, one parent files for sole custody and the battle ensues. Martinelli Private Eye, a specialist in custody private investigation in Atlanta GA, states any time the party seeking sole custody has valid reasons to be concerned about the welfare of his or her children, but doesn’t have the necessary proof required to present to the court, hiring a private investigator is the logical solution. What To Prepare For In Case Of A Child Custody Dispute

Things You Need To Prepare For Court

Complaints, spite, anger, and rumors do not hold up in a court of law. In order to prove your former spouse should not be granted equal custody of your child or children, you must have solid evidence supporting your claims, be aware of any evidence that might be used against you, and get it all organized for your attorney. Be sure any evidence you provide is material and relevant. Keep a daily journal documenting all your interactions with your child or children, as well as all contacts with the other parent. Be sure to make note of any unusual or threatening behavior. A private investigator is an invaluable asset in gathering credible evidence against the parent.

According to Custody Simplified, records of communication and correspondence between yourself and the other parent is critical evidence the court will want to see when considering the disposition of your case. Witnesses to conversations, journals, voicemails, emails, videos, audio recordings, letters, photographs, and text messages are common types of evidence accepted by the court. Additional documents you need to obtain are all records relating to the case, such as medical, financial, school, and police reports if they apply. This information should be assembled as soon as divorce becomes a possibility. Don’t wait until a custody battle gets underway.


Witness testimony assists the judge in determining the validity of allegations made in child custody cases. The best witnesses for your case are unbiased observers familiar with both parents, such as teachers, daycare providers, doctors, nurses, dentists, co-workers, and neighbors. The names and contact information for potential witnesses must be provided to your attorney as soon as possible. Your private investigator is also a witness and will present the evidence he or she has secured.

If you are thorough in providing the necessary documents for your attorney, use a private investigator to collect and document evidence, and all claims are credible, your chances are good of having the case resolved in your favor.