What To Put In Your Travel Bag

Travelling to different places is surely awesome but could also get real tiring at the same time. Before even having problems on as to how you will adjust to new places, you first need to decide which items to bring that could be essential to your trip and would not be a waste of space in your luggage.
So, why don’t we list some of the common and essential things to bring when travelling?

1.      A portfolio of documents, maps and your passport
If you’re heading off to a foreign country, it’s much better to be ready and be prepared whenever you need to show some important papers and documents such as birth certificates, permit to travel, passport and so on. Plus, a map is very beneficial during travel especially when it’s your first time on a certain place. Always keep this portfolio at hand so you won’t have a hard time searching for what you need in the future.
2.      Money
This is for the obvious reason that you will need cash to purchase food, drinks and pay for anything else while you are on the road. Try to at least prepare smaller bills so then you won’t need to wait for a long time trying to wait for your change in case you purchase items or take the local transport.
3.      Emergency Kit
Actually, even if you don’t travel a lot, you need to have this essential kit. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new emergency kit. You can create your own using an old cosmetic bag or purse and fill it with medical items such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, loperamide for diarrhea and even anti-emetics in case there is someone in your party who’s suffering from motion sickness. Be sure to place bandages, gauze pads, Band Aid and other essentials. The emergency kit can serve as your first medical response in case of emergencies.
4.      Cellphone, camera and other gadgets
Some prefer not to bring their mobile devices other than their cell phones and cameras because of the fear of losing them to pickpockets and other street criminals. However, you can choose to bring your iPad, laptops or tablets along that can help ease boredom whenever it takes too long for the train and buses to start or when the traffic is just too nerve wracking to bear. Plus, you sure want to capture all the scenic spots and share them to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
5.      Books or magazines
Like the gadgets, books and magazines are other options you can choose to pass the time. Who knows, you can already read the entire novel you’ve wanted to finish for the longest time.
6.      Bottled water
Always hydrate when travelling and make sure that the water you’re drinking is clean and safe. It’s a common thing for travelers to get diarrhea because of something they’ve eaten or drank. Plus, it is much better to bring your own bottle of
water rather than to buy them in convenient stores where it is sold at more expensive prices.
7.      Chips, chocolates and gum
Yes! Like the bottled water, you might as well pack some potato chips and sweets while you’re travelling. Estimated travel time could change without notice and you don’t want to get stuck hungry in the middle of the road, without any fast food chain or restaurant to be found.
8.      Toiletries and makeup
Even on travel, you need to maintain good hygiene and look presentable. Tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, deodorant, tissue and sanitary napkins are only few of the things that should be included in your toiletry bag. For ladies who are much into makeup even when travelling, a handy cosmetic bag that contains basic cosmetics like lip gloss, lip stick, and blush on plus sunscreen is pretty much necessary.
With all the things listed above, always consider the simplicity of packing up your things and keeping your travel light. Nothing beats a happy sight-seeing trip without heavy back packs and luggage’s. Happy travelling!
Lynn Anderson is always on the road and has become a real expert atensuring the esentials are always packed.