What To Wear To The Club

What to Wear to the Club

Okay, ladies we all know that getting dressed up can be fun. Finding the club dresses to fit our evening endeavors can be a really good time. So, what are some of the current trends for a night out on the dance floor? It would seem that a lot hasn’t changed over the years as far as the hottest club wear styles. Short skirts are still in. And lots and lots of sparkly and sequins seem to be very popular today as well.

However, there is more to it than that. When shopping for the perfect dress make sure you take your body type into consideration. Don’t just buy a dress because it seems to be trendy. Just because it is in style doesn’t mean that it fits you properly and looks good. Regardless of your build, there are perfect club dresses out there for you. Just take the time to try things on. And don’t be afraid to bust a few moves in the fitting room. If you can’t dance in it then what good will it be?
Club attire is available in every color in the rainbow. The challenge is in selecting the style that’s right for you. When it comes to style, it’s all about the sleeves, or lack of sleeves, as it were. Strapless and spaghetti straps still seem to be the top choices but other sleeve options are coming to the forefront here too. There are off the shoulder, one shoulder, halter style, long sleeve, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve styles to try on. A girl could spend all day trying to make up her mind.
Finally, you have the dress that’s right for you. Now it’s on to the accessories to accompany it. Once you have the dress you need shoes and a bag right? Heels, and the higher the better, are the only style of shoes that should be worn with your club dress. Obviously, the best bag to take with you dancing is the clutch. It is small, easy to tote around all night, and they have just the right amount of space to carry all your essentials for the evening. Of course the best accessory is always a gorgeous man on your arm. But, that’s what the club is for, right?
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