What Type Of Chair Mat Do You Need For An L-shaped Desk?

You may think that this type of desk is only found in school but the truth is that an L-shape desk holds a lot of potential for your home office. For one, it maximizes the use of the corner in the home or any office space. Persons who are able to use the corner office setup with an L-shaped desk are also more likely to navigate through paperwork and tasks more freely. It’s all a matter of choice of chair, and with that choice of chair comes the choice of the ideal chair mat. Now, there are generic chair mats for most cases, but special layouts like the L-shape require special considerations. It is not entirely something that will require an outrageously difficult shopping experience, but it has some prerequisites that need to be taken into account.

For the legs of the chair, it is best to have one with an angled body of 90 degrees for stability and complete coverage of the floor. Before installing the chair mat, it is also imperative to test and ensure that there are sturdy and working rollers which do not dig through the flooring excessively. While it’s true that chair mats do the magic of protecting the floor, it helps to have a fully functioning chair to ensure longer durability of the chair mat and less cost for maintenance. Note that no matter how good it is, if the chair is dysfunctional, it will still not be as effective.
Testing the ease from back support and footwork is the first step. No customer who buys chair mats for their office chairs will get it randomly without testing the actual feel of the chair mat against the chair with which it will be placed against. Part of this test ensures that there is impact resistance capacity. Some measurement is also necessary so suited dimensions will be used. Ideally, one can opt for custom-made chair mats because these will really perfectly fit the desk dimensions and the chair dimensions. But ready-to-buy versions can also be suitable with a lot of meticulous inspection.
A good investment for L-shaped desk chair mat is the anti-static functions which will help keep accumulation of static electricity especially during heavy usage of computers or electronic devices that may course through the desk and go to the floor. In cases of hard flooring considerations, choose the non-studded variety of chair mats so that it will not leave unpleasant marks on the hardwood floor. Some even choose colors that are very close to the floor color. And then others just go for transparency for esthetics and preserving the original appearance of the floor without the chair mats.
It is expected that L-shaped desk users are heavy movers because they flit from one side of the L to the other. Chair mats should therefore be relatively thick and beveled with medium to heavy weight support. It is good to have the support capacity tested early so that there will no trouble of too frequent replacements. Maximize the chair mat comfort by matching it with ergonomic chairs, well-positioned desks that promote good posture, and positioning that does not provide too much strain while typing or writing. A well-matted desk is definitely an advantage to a hard working home office worker like you.
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