What Type Of Tent To Use?

Are you planning a camping holiday this year? Why not stay in a tent for a few nights? What could be better than that! There are many different types of tents available to ensure your camping experience is comfortable, warm and enjoyable. Whatever your situation tents are available. Small tents, large family tents, pop up, festival, fishing, lightweight, backpacking, inflatable, mountain tents and many more! No matter where you plan to camp, a tent is available for you.

Small tents are appropriate for a couple going camping and really don’t intend on spending much time in the tent, for example, hiking. Pop-up tents are mainly used at festivals, this is because they are easy to set up so the party can begin earlier, deciding on the right size tent is important as there is little point in getting are large tent for only one or two people. Unless you want a lot of space whilst camping then purchasing a larger tent may be beneficial. The choice is entirely up to you!
Family tents are larger and more spacious; this allows for more people to occupy the tent, therefore a large area for the whole family is needed! If there are more people staying in the tent it will be a lot easier to set the tent up as there will be more of you to help unlike if you were camping alone, the tent will be set up a lot faster!
Lightweight tents are great for those who go hiking for miles on end, and then camp out where they choose their destination to be, this is because it is the lightest tent ever to be made, 99% of hikers agreed that they are the best, lightest and easiest tent available for this purpose! It would not be practical to cart around a large and bulky tent whilst out hiking, hikers want to carry as little as possible to prevent using up too much energy.
Inflatable tents are great for those who only plan on camping for one night, they are easy to set up as all you need is a pump, they are quick – depending on how fast you can pump! They also have a large area inside to sleep in!
Tents are amazing to use, fun, easy, and quick to set up! They are available in various different colours and styles.  No matter where the destination is, what the weather is like and how many of you are going, there is a tent available for you.
Caroline Wooles shares her interest on Camping on behalf of Winfields Ltd