What Will We Be Driving On Mars?

Mankind has been dreaming of going to the stars for many generations and we are making progress toward achieving that dream. With the first big steps of making it to space and landing on the moon achieved, we can now begin looking further away still and set our sights on planets and other celestial objects further away from us. Indeed, we have just heard of the success of the Mars curiosity landing that will help us to explore the planet and even have us wondering about when mankind will set foot on the planet in person. One thing for sure is that if we do make it to Mars, we will need some wheels to help us get around our new home.

A Bubble on Wheels
Earth cars are quite effective at keeping out the cold and the rain, making our Earth journeys reasonably comfortable affairs. A trip on Mars would be quite a different journey though because whereas on Earth you will need to be protected from the wind and rain, on the red planet you will need a different kind of protection.
With no liquid water on Mars you will not need to be concerned about the rain and asides from the occasional fierce storm, the winds are not much greater than on Earth. What you will not have however is a breathable atmosphere so unless you are going to wear a mask throughout your journey, you will need a bubble in which you are able to breathe as you can on your home planet.
You will also need to be protected against harmful rays from the sun as the planet has very little protective atmosphere and even though it may be a tad chilly, you may find yourself with a very nasty burn. While the windshield and windscreen wipers on your car may be all that you need to keep you protected from the elements on Earth, your run-around on Mars will need to offer you much greater protection. Oh, and because temperatures can reach ?125 °F, you would need quite a useful heating system to keep you warm as well.
Long Distance Driving
Perhaps one day Mars will be populated with enormous cities located all over the planet, but to begin with the population would be really quite sparse. At first there is likely to be just one inhabitation so when you go on longer journeys you are likely to be pretty much alone. There will be no petrol stations or service centres where you can refuel and get something to eat so you will need to take all that you need with you.
There is a good chance that vehicles on Mars will be nuclear powered, as the current explorer is, so fuel shouldn’t be a problem and we may even have very effective solar power by that time to motor us along. It is very unlikely, however, that humans will be nuclear powered so there will need to be enough storage space to take all the food and water that will be needed for the longer journeys.
Without smooth roads and nothing but a dusty, uneven surface any vehicle would also need off-road capabilities if it is to avoid getting stuck and being stranded in a hostile environment, so any cars for Mars are unlikely to look anything like those you would expect to see on our motorways.
Any vehicle that is to be used to transport people on Mars will need to overcome a whole different set of challenges than those on Earth, so the designs will be very much different to those that we see in our show rooms today. One thing for sure is that considering the grave implications of your Martian car breaking down, you will want it to be more reliable than anything you have ever driven before.
For the time being at least, we should be focusing on having the right vehicles for travelling on Earth and a limo hire Solihull company will have something a bit special for you.