What Winter Does To Your Skin

Winter isn’t exactly known for being skin-friendly, no matter how much time you spend indoors. Most people know about the problems that come in the summer, but they don’t know about the winter ones until it is too late. Before you sacrifice your skin to the bitter cold, you may want to get a better idea of what winter does to it. The information below discusses just that, along with tips on how to keep your skin looking its best.

The Effects of Winter on Skin

The cold temperatures and windy weather of winter tend to dry out the surface of the skin. That is why you may feel tingly when you come in from outside, because your skin is trying to regain its circulation. On top of that, the snow on the ground can act as the perfect mirror for sun rays, beaming them at your face from below. If you’re not careful, you can actually get a sunburn in below-freezing temperatures, even though that may seem a little illogical. Without proper care, your skin can be severely damaged in the winter months. That’s why you have to start treating it right away.

How to Correct and Prevent Winter Skin Damage

To keep your skin soft and supple during the winter, make sure you wear moisturizers and sun block. You can purchase all-in-one foundations that take care of this for you, while still covering whatever blemishes you have. Wash your face well at night, and use microdermabrasion to clear dead skin cells on the outer surface. This may seem a little excessive, but it is going to do wonders in the winter.

If you notice that your skin is much dryer than normal, you may want to change your diet a little bit to regain your moisturizing nutrients. Foods rich in vitamin K and vitamin E are great for your skin, and they taste good too. Drink lots of water, and maintain an active fitness regimen. Finish everything off with a good night of sleep, and you will see positive transformations in your skin.

You can enjoy the cold temperatures of winter without having to sacrifice your beauty along the way. You just need to make a conscientious effort to keep your skin soft and smooth. Use the tips above to nourish your skin this winter, and you will have no trouble fighting the cold with your radiance.

About the Author: Vivian Almer is a writer and editor who loves exploring new beauty products on the market. She recently discovered Riiviva, and since then she has enjoyed smoother skin at home.