What You Need To Know About Self & McNamee

After death, a trust and/or estate administration is required for almost everyone. Self & McNamee is a firm that helps families around southern Ohio as well trustees and executors, who are from other states if they are involved with estates in the southern Ohio. Therefore, the firm offers details and the requirements of estate and trust administration. Self & McNamee also help you in organizing the final affairs of your loved ones by providing you immediate attention. This allows the firm to assist you in handling liabilities as well as minimizing depreciation and dissipation of the love one’s assets.

Seif & McNamee has developed an exceptional and efficient process that meets Ohio’s legal requirements through their extensive experience in probate court. The top priorities of the firm are your duties as a fiduciary (administrator, trustee or executor) and the final wishes of the deceased. The company handles the following cases:

Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

Wills are written to decide the recipients of your assets in case of your death. However, the state laws are set to determine the recipients if you do not have a will upon your death. This is where most families require the firm’s help. On the other hand, trusts are created to help in avoiding the costs or easing the probate process.

Estate Litigation

• Estate litigation is one of the most challenging types of litigation as it involves a mixture of family and wealth issues, which are very volatile. This takes many forms and includes trust litigation to challenge the construction of trust, probate litigation to dispute the validity of wills of incapacity and much more.

Estate Administration

The passing of a family member sets the beginning of the most critical phase of the estate administration process. The first step in this process involves locating the original will of the deceased, assets information and then the liabilities. This requires immediate attention to ensure that depletion of the estate is minimized. The probate process allows the assets of the deceased is transferred to living persons as well as payment or the resolution of all the liabilities. The court supervises this process is it is supposed to follow the laws of the state of Ohio.

The distribution of the assets depends on the will written by the deceased or Ohio law, which determines the default recipients if the will, is not found. The process of probate is the most complicated part, and therefore it typically takes more time. This explains why the family requires an experience to help in guiding them through the process, as it is that easy.


However, with Self & MacNamee the issue of handling the final affairs of your loved ones and of administering the estate are sorted as the firm prides of one of the most experienced personnel in the field. The firm offers quality services at affordable changes as the fees depends on the size of the estate and the requirements associated with it.