What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Router Bits

A wood working router is a must if you work a lot on wood projects. Routers are used to create edges on wood and wood joints, making fast work out of the thing that you’ll normally do by hand. There are many types of router bits available, so there’s really no limit to what you can accomplish with your router.

Here are some things you should know before you purchase bits for your router.

People who are new to woodworking often run out and purchase a router bit set containing a variety of carbide nuggets. They seem like good value for money, but the problem is that you probably won’t use all the bits in the set. So the general rule of thumb is to stay away from these kits because you may not need all those bits. Most woodworkers- even the very experienced ones- only use a few bits to accomplish a lot of the work they do. Here are some other things you should look for.


Carbide bits are better than high-speed steel. Although they cost more than the steel, they will keep their edge for much longer. Bits made from micrograin carbide are the very best you can get. Perform a visual inspection of the bits before you purchase to ensure that there are no chips

Overall Appearance

Bits should have cutting edges that have no gaps where the edges are brazed to the body of the bit. The metal should gleam and there should be no chips whatsoever on the cutting edges.


Bits with ½” shanks are the best if you router can accept them. They contain extra mass which will give you a smoother cut without breaking or bending. Bits with extra metal behind the cutting edge will give the edge further support and prevent kickbacks often associated with deep bites.


If you’re daring, you could turn the bi against your fingernail to test its sharpness. If it easily removes a bit off the top of your nail, then that is the bit you need. You need to have a sharp bit if you want good results when carving wood.

Dust protection

Dust shields on bit that have pilot bearings will enhance the performance and durability of the bit. The dust shield is usually located between the bearing and the bit body and will ensure that the bearing remains clean.


You’ll get more out of double edge bits than bits that come with a single edge. To slice wood, bits with a flute set at an angle on the shaft are the best choice.

Some of the bits you need as a beginner or experienced woodworker are roundover bits, chamfer bits,solid carbide spiral upcut bits and bearing guided flush trim bits. As you get better at woodworking you can check out other specialty bits.

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