What You Need To Know To Study In Brisbane

Brisbane is one of Australia’s up-and-coming cities. As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is the third most populous city in the country, and the third most popular tourist destination for those visiting Australia. Brisbane is named after the river around which the city is centred, and is a dynamic and energetic city, ideal for students who prefer to study in a thriving metropolis, meeting different people and experiencing different things.

Universities in Brisbane
There are three main universities in Brisbane; the University of Queensland, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology. The University of Queensland is an excellent institution at which to further your education. It is rated the fourth best university in Australia and makes the list of the top 100 universities in the world – currently it stands 74th on the list.

The Queensland University of Technology can also boast a high local ranking at number 12 in Australia, while Griffith University stands at number eighteen. With these three tertiary options, students have a wide range of choice when it comes to study fields and degrees. The Queensland Cultural Centre also houses the State Library, which is a very useful resource for students in the city.

Living in Brisbane
While it’s not as famous as its sister cities, Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is an enormous city and is still growing. If one puts together both the metropolitan area of Brisbane and the South East Queensland urban conurbation, the population totals over five million people. Of all the cities in Australia Brisbane has fared best during the recent recession periods and is booming today, providing ample opportunities for students to work during their vacations and also providing post-graduate opportunities for employment.

The city has a strong cultural life, with the Queensland Cultural Centre, boasting not only the library but also the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. The CBD is located in the curve of the Brisbane River and is bustling and energetic, while the inner suburbs like Paddington and New Farm are blossoming. Brisbane has many lovely tourist spots like the Brisbane Forest Park and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, as well as a number of annual events that keep locals and tourists entertained, like the River Music Festival and the Brisbane International Film Festival.

For students leaving their parents’ house for the first time, Brisbane is an exciting and dynamic city to move to. The tertiary education options in the city offer good quality Australian education that rival Melbourne and Sydney, and the excitement of living in a city that is on the rise is a fun experience for young people. Studying in Brisbane will provide an education both traditional and in life.

This post was written by Natalie Simon, a journalism student who knows something about student living in a laid city. She’s based in Cape Town, which is both a growing metropolis and easy-going beach town, so she supports Now Learning and its mission to promote education throughout Australia, including Brisbane.