What You Should Know About Mens Mountain Bikes

With an increase of attention being focused on exercising and getting fit these days, it’s no surprise, then, that more and more people, particularly the men are taking up mountain bike riding. Mountain bike riding is a cardiovascular intensive sport where a person rides bicycles off-road. This is typically executed over rough terrain like creeks, gullies, mountains and other bumpy terrain. For many, though, just getting started can be very challenging because there are a variety of mens mountain bike available on the market today. It can be difficult to decide which type of mountain bike is right for you.  For example, there are a lot of components on a mens mountain bike such as crank sets, handlebars, chains, cassettes, brakes and fork, to name just a few, that a beginner in bike riding can get caught up in  a mass of confusion.

Basically, there are eight categories of mens mountain bikes; based on the terrain they’re used on. A cross mountain bike is the basic model from which most of the other types of mountain bikes originated. It is light weight, has less to no suspension, and is best for flat or uphill terrain. A trial mountain bike has similar features, except they’re used often in dirty trial competitions, rather than for day-to-day commute. It is usually a very strong bike with fast-rolling, excellent suspension and extremely durable.

The latest models to hit in the market include all-mountain bikes, single speed and free ride. These types of bikes are designed for a specific purpose, and require physical fitness and superior skill. All-mountain bikes, for instance, tend to be heavier as compared to other models, and are used by riders who want to combine downhill and uphill riding with advanced suspension technology.

Most types of mountain bikes have 26-inch or 66 mm wheels, though 29-inches or 77.66 cm mountain bikes are now becoming popular. Some riders, particularly experienced ones, customized their bikes, changing chain stays, adding suspension forks, and taking off their seats—which aren’t usually needed because riders stand up on pedals most of the time.  Mens mountain bikes range in price from a few hundred U.S. dollars for a basic model to a few thousand for a professional model to be used in competitions.  Mass-produced mountain bikes are widely available, and they’re generally enough for the occasional weekend riders

Riding a mountain bike for exercise helps improve your overall health by boosting your flexibility, strength, balance and providing complete cardiovascular exercises all while working your muscles. Choosing the right mens mountain bike from www.eurekacyclesports.co.uk will make your ride much more enjoyable and by considering the information above, you can ensure you will pick a bike that will help make that so.