What Your Lingerie Says About You

We all have our own unique style when it comes to clothing, but it’s your lingerie that reveals the most about you as a person. Your lingerie choices are very personal, something that very few people ever see, so it comes as no surprise that this is where women really let their personal style and character shine through.
So what type of lingerie girl are you? Sweet? Sexy? Granny panties?!
Find your lingerie style from the list below and see what it’s saying about you…

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Sultry and Sexy
Your Lingerie Drawer: You have a penchant for silk, satin and lace, especially in classically sexy colours such as black and red. You like lingerie that’s well-fitting, shows off your curves to perfection and ideally has suspenders so you can team it with a pair of stockings!
What It Says About You: A femme fatale, you’re a total seductress! You’re sexy and you know it, and you love nothing more than to show off your hot curves to that special someone in a luxury lingerie set that’s teasing and tantalising.
In life, you’re confident, sassy and know how to get what you want!
Wild and Wacky
Your Lingerie Drawer: You’re a sucker for bright, clashing colours and aren’t afraid to mix and match – who said lingerie had to be worn as a matching set?! Take a peek in your lingerie drawer and you’ll most likely find leopard print and zebra print sitting alongside some neon brights and funky cartoon prints.
What It Says About You: Cool and crazy, you love nothing more than to have fun, whether that’s dancing the night away in a club with your mates or, well, doing the same in the bedroom for your man!
For you, life is for the living and you like to take one day as it comes, never planning too far ahead in case some fantastic opportunity comes by which you’ll snap up in a second!

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Cute and Girly
Your Lingerie Drawer: As you’d expect, the girly girl has a lingerie drawer that’s stuffed full of pink – pale pink, baby pink, bubblegum pink, hot pink… oh and some pastel colours such as lilac and baby blue for when you want a bit of a change! You love knickers with bows, the bigger the better, and when it comes to prints polkadots are one of your favourites.
What It Says About You: As a kid, you probably wanted to be a princess – and even though Prince William is taken you’re still dreaming about it, there is Prince Harry after all! If you can’t be a real princess, you at least expect your guy to treat you like one and the good news is that he loves to do it – you’re such a sweetie after all!
Your friends would all describe you as the cute one, giggling at the most inopportune moments and always finding the silver lining on a bad situation.
Plain and Comfy
Your Lingerie Drawer: Practicality takes preference over style here. Your lingerie drawer contains a mixture of plain bras in whites, greys and nudes – colours that won’t show under your clothes. You like bras with changable straps (halterneck, cross-over, strapless…) so you can wear the same bra under all different types of clothing, and you likely have a sports bra or two for hitting the gym in!
What It Says About You: Like your lingerie, you’re a practical person, a real problem solver. You love to take on a challenge because you always come out on top. You don’t like making a fuss without a good reason and you have better things to worry about than what others think of you!
Just be careful that you don’t get so caught up in things you forget to have a bit of fun, and remember that whilst caring for others is great you need to take some time out to indulge in a luxury treat yourself every now and then. Hint: a spa trip is wonderfully relaxing!

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Erotic and Sensual
Your Lingerie Drawer: You take sexy to a whole new level. Your luxury lingerie drawer is a seductive mixture of peep-hole bras, crotchless knickers and revealing basques and babydolls. You’re not afraid to wear the off bit of leather or PVC either if the fancy strikes you!
What It Says About You: You are a woman who’s in control – of your career, of your relationship and of your life in general. Pity the person who steps in your path – you know what you want, you know how to get it and you won’t take no for an answer!
What’s your lingerie style?

Estelle Puleston is the owner of Esty Lingerie, an online luxury lingerie boutique specialising in independent designer brands you won’t find on the high street.