What’s Bugging You? How To Keep Outside Insects From Inside Your Home

With summertime comes relaxation, fun and warm weather. While most people look forward to the sunny weather, sometimes we need a break from the hot air in which we make full use of our air conditioners. One issue no one looks forward to while lounging around the house is unwanted guests.  Insects like bees, mosquitoes, spiders and flies seem to multiply when the summer starts and make their way into our homes through unnoticed openings.  The summer months can bring more than heat to your home if certain preventative measures are left unattended such as cutting your lawn and filling in spaces on your doors and windows.
Just like us, insects are looking for a retreat from the sun. Because the summer months call for hotter climates, insects wander to a place where they too can be cool, your home. The presence of insects does not always mean you live in a dirty or unkempt home, but rather you may need minor home improvements.  Below are a few tips that can help you keep outside bugs from entering your home.

Start on the outside by inspecting your lawn and look for signs of insects like anthills or burrowed holes. Once you identify where the insects are coming from, spray the area with pesticide. A more advanced method of prevention would be to then fill up the hole with a substance that will occupy the space so the insects are either trapped or driven away. Using pesticides or even filler for the holes in your lawn will dramatically decrease the amount of insects inside your home. Pay close attention to the ones that are closest to your doors and windows.
Windows and doors are access points for insects if dilapidated and when not installed correctly. Too much space between the door and the floor creates an open invitation for bugs. Some people use a door sweep seal to cover the gap but they aren’t always sufficient. Certain insects still manage to maneuver their way past the blockade and march right into your home. You can use a sealant to fill the empty space or install a new door to solve this problem.
Windows, on the other hand, tend to get a little more beat up than doors, particularly in the winter months. Check the inside and outside trim around your window for any cracks or gaps. Although these issues may appear small, they may be the cause of your bug problem. Some people reinforce their windows using caulk, while others install new windows, which ensure maximum insect prevention. The monetary aspect of installing new windows is miniscule in comparison to the gratitude you will have when you don’t have to share your home with bugs.
Maintaining an insect- free home isn’t hard and you don’t have to look far it all starts in your own yard. We may all have to live with bugs, but that doesn’t mean they have to live with us.
Mercedes Potter is a part of an elite team of writers and in this blog, she provides tips and steps on how to keep bugs from inside your home. Need more information about windows in Montgomery county? Follow her @CedesPotter.