What’s In A Business Name?

Business names
Business names

A name is the basic identity of an object, activity or person that brings out the first individuality characteristic. Besides, the name is the first impression displayed to any listener, that effectively determines whether your customer will be interested or not.

A business name on the other hand is the identity of an entity or firm that distinguishes it from the other businesses, whenever one hears the name mentioned. This would therefore mean that a business gets a name that never resembles any other, for the sake of identity. On the other hand, this would mean a grueling effort to do a thorough dig into the business world to ensure your business name remains unique and original. Business names are also very essential in relaying your main mission, objectives and reputation. In fact, the choice of name is the beginning of a success or total collapse of a business.

The same applies to the domain name; the specific bit of the address, identifying the business name and is unique to just locate the business.

The process of business naming is therefore one of the most hectic bit of coming up with business, even harder and more stressful than the business management itself. And in this case, one could be well informed whether the name describes the foundation and pillars of the business, or if it merely suggests an overview of the business, subject to the way the mind perceives the information. It requires one to put certain factors into consideration.

Considerations for coming up with a business name

The name should be charming to any given client that you target. It should be a short and clear name, easy to say and always easy to remember, in most cases, less than 25 characters.

Great business names are always simple with perfect emotional memories that clients and customers should always relate with good ideas.

It must give details about your operations and services leaving no questions regarding the business. Besides, it should not restrict your business growth, in that it should be able to allow for a future expansion.

Consider how it looks when written down, that would mean its attractiveness to the readers. When you try to picture it with the logo, the domain and/or the general web, does it fit well to the design? And if not, what else should be added or removed from it to make it fit?

The name should, by all means be exciting to yourself as the owner and business person.
Lastly, the name should be one of its own kinds relaying just the specific information you intend for your business.

The process of naming a business name involves the following:

  • Making a list of names from which to choose from
  • Choosing a name that is related to the objectives and operations of the business
  • Doing a critical name search for the selected name online and with related government agencies.
  • Registering the selected name to be the official business name of the entity.
  • Seeking for trademark, and its protection. This ensures the uniqueness of the name, logo and any relevant identity of the business.

Where to get catchy business names

Getting such names that please the customers is as hard as earlier stated. But with the following suggestions, it will be made simpler.

The most basic way of coming up with a unique business name, and even a perfect domain name for your company or business, using initials for memorable names of easily but widely known people, events or activities could be a good start for your naming process. The only trouble is the perception of the initials by your customers that could either be positive or extremely dangerous to your business.

Another idea could be own creativity, that is almost similar to initializing. But in this case, it could be based on a memorable event’s or people full names, if not just a creative word out of your personal mind.
Your friends, family and colleagues could be essential in helping you suggest a variety of names, and eventually help you settle on one common name that they agree is best for your business. This would also help you seek for their suggestions on the possible domain names fit for your business.

Business experts and experienced business persons are the best for a more professional naming of a business, and domain. This is as a result of their critical and analytical capability of choosing the best.

Using business name generators, which makes it easy but rather confined to the suggestions of just the soft wares and the online applications, this method, leaves no room for relating the name to the business objectives and missions.