What’s So Exciting About Scentsy Warmers?

If you’re in the mood for a romantic evening, or wish you could enjoy your favorite smells at home, then look no further than a Scentsy warmer. Scentsy offers a mind-blowing range of over 80 scents which come from many different specialized collections. These collections include tropical, spa, bakery, kitchen favorites, and a whole lot more. Scentsy warmers are rapidly gaining in popularity as many people are starting to realize how much convenience they offer versus the traditional wax candles. Added to this is the fact that you can create your own unique smells and use them over and over again!

How do Scentsy warmers work?

The mechanics behind scentsy warmers are very simple. The fragrance bars that are available for separate purchase contain 6 compartmentalized sections that easily break apart. Whenever you’d like to enjoy a fragrance, all you need to do is just snap off a few pieces of the bar and then place it squarely on the tray of the candle warmer.

The warmer inside of the candle warmer will then “warm” the fragrance out of the wax. This is better than typical wax candles because the wax isn’t burned or consumed. Instead it is slowly melted which maximizes both the strength and life of the aroma. While this is happening you do not have worry about getting burned, as there is no open flame nor is there any scathing hot wax. As you’d probably guessed, this makes scentsy warmers safe for households with kids or nosey pets.

How long will it last?

This is perhaps one of the best features of Scentsy warmers and their scented bars. You can expect each individual component of your scented bar to last roughly 60-80 hours. This means that every 6 section scented bar you purchase will last you 170-250 hours, as the warmers only allow you to use 2 sections at a time. After you’re done with one fragrance, all you have to do is pour the wax back into its package, this will allow you to use it again and again weeks or months down the road!

Are Scentsy warmers safe?

After you’ve used a scented bar for 85+ hours and it will have finally lost its scent. All you need to do to get rid of it is is to simply throw the used unscented portion away. That’s a much cleaner system than normal wax candles. This is because as typical wax candles burn they can give off added chemicals which may not be safe for you and your home. These chemicals can get into the air and also onto your ceilings and walls. By comparison, which Scentsy warmers, only the scent is burned out of the candles leaving the actual wax behind to be discarded.

Create your own custom fragrances!

Perhaps one of the best and most popular features of Scentsy warmers is that they allow you to combine different scents in order to create your own personal aromas! With the vast amount of unique smells and fragrances available, this means that there is virtually no limit to the combination of smells that can be made. To create your own masterpiece, all you need to do is break off a piece of each scented bar that you’d like to combine. Then take these pieces and combine them in the tray of the scented warmer.

How much do they cost?

If you’re worried about shelling out loads of money on scentsy warmers, then you’ll be happy to know that the warmer itself only cost $30. Which is of course a one time investment as you’ll be able to use it over and over again. The actually fragrance bars themselves only cost around $5, depending on where you shop.

Where can I find the best scentsy warmers?

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