What’s The Best And Easiest Way Of Getting From Dubai Airport To Abu Dhabi?

If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates and arriving through Dubai airport, you will definitely be surprised by the stunning beauty that is clearly exhibited by this wonderful business hub. However, it is also important to note that Dubai is also a busy city as millions of locals and visitors mingle to do business and enjoy the many attractions scattered all around. If you are to travel from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi, there is so much to enjoy along the way in terms of beauty and these attractions range from architectural masterpieces to beautiful museums and beaches. If you are looking for the best and easiest way of getting from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi, cheap car rental in Dubai always come highly recommended and can help you move around with ease and conveniently.

Although there are many taxis plying the routes, you will be surprised to note that cheap car hire in Dubai always charge less while allowing you to enjoy every step of the way. With rental cars in Dubai, you always enjoy the freedom of stopping whenever you need to and taking as much time as you need to enjoy any given spot and attraction. On the contrary, taxis are normally metered and will charge waiting fee if they have to wait for you to attend to any business along the way. Unlike taxis, public transport is cheaper but unfortunately denies you the leisure and convenience you need to sample the different attractions along the way. It is hard for the buses to stop along the way and wait for you to visit the different places unless they are hired. With the cheapest car rental Dubai, you have the freedom to spend your time as you want as you drive yourself all along.

In case you are working on a budget, it will be advisable to avoid airport car rentals in Dubai as these normally charge more to cater for airport taxes. It would be advisable to find your way to Dubai city from the airport and then pick up your rental car in readiness for the journey ahead. You can get cheap car rental in Dubai by comparing prices online and booking early. This allows you to access highly discounted prices which can help you save up to 50% on your road trip.

Apart from the fact that car hire is cheaper in Dubai, the fact that you will have the car available to you throughout the reserved period makes them very convenient. As you travel to Abu Dhabi, you will be free to keep the car and drive anywhere to attend to your businesses or other travel purposes without paying extra charges. You will always enjoy driving yourself around but always be careful as you drive the cheapest car rental Dubai as other road users could be driving carelessly thus putting you at risk. Although this is common, following the road rules always help you stay out of trouble as would be the case in any other country.