What’s The Best Central Heating Option?

We might not have had much of a summer in the UK this year, but the sad fact is that autumn and winter are now fast approaching! This means it’s time to start thinking about replacing your central heating system altogether if it’s old, out of date or simply not cost effective. And you should do it now before the cold weather sets in and you’re left in a freezing cold house! Let’s take a look at some modern central heating options.

What is the True Cost?
You need to be thorough in researching the costs of a new heating system; some types of heating may have a large initial outlay of cash to buy equipment and install it but then will have minimal running costs later on, making them very cost effective, whereas others may be cheaper to install but will use a lot of fuel or will require more regular servicing.
Radiator Central Heating
This is the option most of us go for and the one that we already have in our homes. It is a fairly labour intensive task to install water based central heating as you need a boiler, radiators and extensive pipework. Radiators can also be an unattractive feature in a room, so may spoil your décor or need to be covered up somehow. But aside from the large initial cost of the system, this type of heating has fairly low costs thereafter and only needs to be serviced about once a year.
Warm Air
This type of heating was once extremely popular but has largely gone out of fashion – but there are still benefits; it’s cheap to run, is fairly low maintenance and can last for up to two decades! However, installing a furnace and extensive ducts to carry the air can be very labour intensive, and this type of heating can cause health problems for anybody that suffers from allergies and breathing related issues.
Underfloor Heating
This is an increasingly popular choice for the modern homeowner. Through a network of underfloor cables and ducts, heat can be transferred via electricity or with water. This eliminates the need for bulky radiators, and is more energy efficient as it works at a lower temperature and distributes heat much more evenly, giving your home a consistent temperature. However, it can be difficult to install in an existing home as the floor does need to be taken up, but in a new home it is ideal to install before floors are laid.
Now get back to enjoying the rest of your summer, but whether it’s warm water underfloor heating or warm air duct heating, start to consider your heating needs before winter hits!